Saturday, September 30, 2023
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GOT7: BAMBAM takes stock in interview

It was on The Standard YouTube channel that BAMBAM of GOT7 talked about his routine during confinement linked to covid-19, during a live show on July 2, 2020.
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Interviewed by The Standard Pop, BAMBAM member of the South Korean boy group GOT7, spoke about his work, his place in the group, his solo projects and his daily life during the covid-19 pandemic. During the interview, BAMBAM returned to his idol career and the many songs of the group including the song with which they started entitled “Girls, girls, girls” or “Just right”, but also on his fusional relationship with the other members. Videos where he appears with GOT7 members have been shared as well as videos and photographs of him and his cats published by the artist on his social networks. BAMBAM talked about his routine during confinement and about his psychological state during this unprecedented period. Having shared his sports routine during a live for UNICEF Thailand a few months ago, BAMBAM notably expressed this time on his way of managing confinement, his activities at home and his daily habits. The idol also shared his opinion on the fact that all the events of GOT7 were postponed, in particular the concerts, promotions and various shootings and shootings. He also said he felt he had to postpone the GOT7 concert a second time in his country of origin Thailand, which had already been postponed for the first time this year. After celebrating its 23rd birthday on May 2nd, BAMBAM spoke and took stock of his professional and personal life, claiming to have changed a lot since his official debut in 2014 with GOT7. He also admitted that he and the members of GOT7 still had a lot to achieve and were only at the beginning of what they really wanted to achieve.

«Now I’m 23, I’m not very mature. If we work like this, we keep trying. I think that at 25-26 years old, we will be more talented. We should be more talented, it’s more likely. People accept me more like her.»

BAMBAM GOT7 lors de l’interview live de The Standard
BAMBAM GOT7 live interview link:
GOT7 : BAMBAM participates in the UNICEF Thailand live show in support of families affected by Covid-19

Journalist: Kamélia Translator: Shawn Sources: SNS GOT7, SNS The Standard, Youtube The Standard

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