GOT7: Measures after a message from YOUNGJAE

It was on his personal social networks that the main singer of GOT7 posted a message against sasaeng fans.

Message partagé sur les réseaux de YOUNGJAE GOT7

The idol and member of the South Korean k-pop boys group GOT7, YOUNGJAE spoke on July 2nd, 2020 on his personal social networks sending a direct message to sasaengs fans.

«If you want to see people’s lives wasted, post and have fun.»


In South Korea, the word “sasaeng” refers to intrusive fans in the life of their idol. Many cases relaying accidents have been shared via social networks, occurring frequently, incidents are reported by the media and often by the idols themselves. The fans known as “sasaengs” generally act like paparazis, following the idols of their favorite groups in order to learn more about their habits, and obtain new photographs. Behavior limiting the privacy of idols and which often puts their security at risk. YOUNGJAE and many other idols share via their social networks or during live their concerns and their feelings about these situations which put them uncomfortable and in danger. YOUNGJAE‘s agency, JYP Entertainment posted on the group’s social media a link to a statement declaring progress on tough measures against violating the rights of its groups and artists. Ads that have multiplied in recent years with the importance of social networks in the world of kpop, and which aims to endanger artists, malicious comments and defamation against idols.

Message officiel de la JYP Entertainment

If Internet users have massively supported YOUNGJAE following his message relaying hashtags on networks such as #BetterTreatmentForGOT7 (#MeilleurTraitementPourGOT7), or #ProtectYoungjae (# ProtectYoungjae), JYP Entertainment announcement didn’t have the same response with the fans. Internet users denounced the press releases without real initiatives and therefore without impact on the situations, and published numerous messages intended for the agency to remedy this situation. An anger of Internet users that doesn’t falter, so it is not the first time that YOUNGJAE has published such messages on its social networks. Since 2016, the artist has published on his personal networks many times, encouraging people to stop following him or even contact him on his personal phone.

Annonces officielle de la JYP Entertainment partagé sur les réseaux de GOT7

The concern of iGOT7, the group’s official fandom, for YOUNGJAE and the members of GOT7 has animated a wave of messages of support and sharing on social networks. JYP Entertainment official press release link:

Journalist Kamélia Translator: Shawn Sources: SNS GOT7, SNS YOUNGJAE, JYP Ent

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