DAY6 : The new album of EVEN OF DAY arrives, the tracklist is revealed

EVEN OF DAY, the first sub-unit of the band DAY6, is about to release its very first album.


While JYP Entertainment announced, on May 11th, the temporary payse of the band DAY6 due to health problems, the very first sub-unit of the band is about to make its debuts with the first mini-album “THE BOOK OF US : GLUON”.

EVEN OF DAY will be composed by the members YOUNG K, WONPIL and DOWOON. The first mini-album will be composed of 7 songs with the lyrics written by YOUNG K. The tracklist has been revealed with some different teasers, photos and film. The theme seems to be spacec and moon.


“Nothing can tear us apart” seems to complete with the name of the album : “THE BOOK OF US : GLUON“. Indeed, Gluon is the main particles of the superglue, which role is to attract 2 things together.

In one of his VLIVEs, YOUNG K did, on fans’ demand, spoil the new album by saying : “my voice will be somewhere you don’t expect it to be”.

It’s with a lot of impatient that MYDAY, fandom of the band, is waiting for the new album. AfiTo make the wait more pleasant, several teasers have been revealed with the package of the album.

The schedule of the release has been revealed by JYP Entertainement on August 13th, with the dates of the incoming teasers and the release’s day program.


EVEN OF DAY gives its fans an appointment, on August 31st at 5:00pm, for the countdown with the members and the release of the album and the first MVs.

YOUNG K’s teasers have been published today and the fans’ reaction were massive on the SNS, as they are impatient to discover more.

Journalist : Natacha
Translator : Natacha
Source & Photo : DAY6 SNS



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