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DAY6 : Teasers for EVEN OF DAY

While the first sub-unit of the band DAY6 is about to release its first album, some teasers have been released.


Whlie the KPOP/KROCK band DAY6 has temporarily stopped its activities due to some members having health problems,  the trio YOUNG K, WONPIL and DOWOON is about to make its debuts under the first sub-unit of the band  to be called EVEN OF DAY.

The name of the first album has been revealed : “THE BOOK OF US : GLUON”. The album will be composed by 7 songs (including 1 intro and1 outro). According to a video message left on the Youtube Channel of M-net KPOP, the songs will be healing songs. The first title to be released on stage is called  “파도가 끝나는 곳까지” , to be translated as “To the end of the waves”.

The album is going to be released on August 31st at 6:00 pm, according to the program that has been updated by JYP Entertainment. To reveal step by step the concept of the album, the 3 talentous men published some teasers, suggesting the theme will be related to the moon. The caption of the album is  “Nothing can tear us apart”.

Each members of EVEN OF DAY also left a message as a teaser.


YOUNG K’s message can be translated as “We love our journey”.


WONPIL’s message could be translated as “No matter where we’re going, we’re still at a loss“.


DOWOON’s message could be translated as  “There’s no such thing as an end to our voyage”.

Journalist : Natacha
Translator :Natacha
Source : DAY6 SNS



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