STAYC: New girl group for this year

The debut girl group self-produced by duo Black Eyed Pilseung, High Up Girls (working name) confirmed its debut date with its official group name STAYC and announced its  appearance.

We have confirmed the official name of the High Up Girls group as STAYC and will be making our official debut on November 12th,” High-Up Entertainment reported on October 12.

STAYC is a group led by the production team Black Eyed Pilseung who have produced a large number of hit songs by popular female groups or artists such as Twice, Chungha, Apink and Sistar, and recently composed “Don’t touch me“, the first song on the Cash Back Expedition, is the first girl group to produce and manage their own.

Starting with PARK SI EUN, who made a deep impression as an actress by appearing in various dramas last month, BAE SU MIN and YOON SE EUN, they garnered a lot of attention even before their debut.

STAYC stands for “Star To A Young Culture”, which means “a star who has a young culture”. Attention is focused on the concept that STAYC will promote in the music industry.

After opening their official SNS account today and unveiling the image of their band’s logo, STAYC plans to release various promotional content until its debut, raising fan expectations.

An agency official said: “We are grateful that STAYC gave us so much attention and support even before our debut. Members are currently working hard to prepare for their debut in order to be successful. The members of STAYC, who are still shrouded in mystery, will be revealed soon, so look forward to them.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: HIGH-UP Entertainment

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