SEVENTEEN: A break in your life

The group SEVENTEEN of PLEDIS ENTERTAINMENT, makes its comeback with the special album “SEMICOLON“, during a press conference held live on Youtube.


Composed of the members S.COUPS, JEONGHAN, JOSHUA, JUN, HOSHI, WONWOO, WOOZI, MINGYU, DK, THE8, SEUNGKWAN, VERNON and DINO, the group returns to the world stage on Monday, October 19. The showcase is available in Korean and English for foreign journalists, presenting each of the members one by one, who also make their greetings in Korean, English, and Chinese. It is after four months that they return, after selling more than a million albums with their latest album. S.COUPS can’t believe of how surprised the members were to reach this reccord, and assures that they are all very grateful to their fans for supporting them. In addition, “SEMICOLON” has been pre-ordered to more than a million copies as well, with music industry experts expecting that after its release, the band will sell more than two million albums, which takes its name from the semicolon (;), representing a rhythmic pause in a sentence, as it may represent a pause in the life of a young person who experiences difficulties.

“Even if someone wears the same suit, the effect may be different depending on who wears it. This is how we see the style addressed by this album, a style that may have already been tried, but with our colors, and our message to get across.” – SEUNGKWAN. 

In addition, for this album, four sub-units are highlighted, one more compared to usual with the rap, singing and dance sub-units. Without further ado, the clip is broadcast where, once again, the  group offers an impeccable choreography, with a strong sense of nostalgia. Members are sometimes on a train, sometimes in a casino, like bandits on the run, for this title song called “Home;run“. WOOZI, who participated in the composition of the album, then presents this title with inspirations drawn from the Swing, all with an MV similar to a musical, an energetic dance, and members happy to show a new performance. SEVENTEEN‘s music is increasingly diverse and rich in styles, made possible by the support of fans, and the thirteen different but complementary personalities of the thirteen members.

HOSHI then took the time to congratulate WOOZI for his hard work during the composition of the album. For this one, members hope to receive as much success as the last one, and that their message will be well conveyed. So a lot of content for CARATs, their fans, was prepared in order to interact with them.  For their previous album, “HENG:GARAE”, the members had the same desire to convey a message to young people, in the first album energetically, to encourage them here to reassure and support them.

“I want this album to reflect our strength, especially in this year which, despite many good memories, is hard for many people, and for us who can not meet our fans in person.” – WONWOO

The group also reached number one on the Oricon chart, a success made possible by all members contributing in their own way to the creation of each of their albums. It is important to them that no member is left out, but instead has the opportunity to express themselves and show their talent to the public. With a group of so many members, it is also important that everyone can express themselves and be respected in the event of a conflict within them. With regard to sub-units, HOSHI does not rule out the possibility that new combinations will be (re)created for comeback, or in the future.

For the growing popularity of Kpop in the United States, they are aware that their fanbase is expanding, especially during their world tour, and want to go to new countries, and that any artist is the opportunity to perform anywhere in the world. Humble, they claim to be the most proud of themselves when their fans say they are proud to be members of the fanclub. For SEUNGKWAN, it made him realize what it’s really like to be successful. Originally, he saw success only through musical awards, or the size of the stadiums where they held concerts, but now he realizes that success is only in the loving relationship between artists and their fans.

For this comeback, the group is serene and relaxed. THE8 recommended meditation the day before so they could sleep well and be fit for their comeback today. For DINO, every song on this special album deserves attention, because there is no more important song than the others. In addition, their career goal is to be able to perform for many years to come, and to be present on stage alongside their fans, further emphasizing their modesty. As for the turn of their career, MINGYU places it with their song “I don’t wanna cry” which received a lot of support when it came out.

It is on its last words that the group concludes the press conference for its new album “SEMICOLON“, consisting of the following tracks: “Home;run”, “드레미”, “Hey buddy”, “마으메 불을 지펴”, “Ah! Love” and “겨우.” Smiling to the end, they hope to receive good feedback and wish everyone well.

The words of our reporter:Faithful to themselves, the band returns to the stage with a title aimed at young people suffering in our society. The work done is undeniable, and so is their success.”

Journalist: PILLET Anaïs

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