COLOR RUSH: HWALL in a new “BL” drama

THE BOYZ‘ former member HWALL (Heo Hyun Joon) will be making a comeback with a BL (boys love) type of drama.


StoryWiz will be producing “Color rush“, the winner of the “2nd Blice Contest” (Boys Love, a genre about romance between men), alongside the drama production company “CONS TV”.

While Storywiz participated in the production of the planning, CONS TV is an OTT-focused production company that has produced numerous hits including “Devil inspector“, “Number six” and “My favorite global house“, starting with the country’s first web drama series “Love in memory” in 2013.

Color rush” deals with what happens when the main character, who sees the world in gray due to neurological issues, experiences a color rush (a phenomenon in which colors are seen through intense experiences) when he meets his destiny. In addition to the story, the teenage-evolving drama also contains a mysterious tale about the disappearance of a mother. A manhwa in the BL genre to read unrestrained.

Yoo Jun was chosen for the role of Yeon Woo, who lives seeing the world in gray, while HEO HYUN JOON, a former member of the group THE BOYZ, was chosen for the opposite role, Yu Han, who causes the color rush.


During the recent script readout scene, all the cast gathered in one place, bringing warmth to the room. The two main characters have already been carefully prepared with the original work and participated in the reading of the script, quickly soaking up their respective characters, raising expectations for the drama.

The drama “Color rush“, which will be of the BL genre, with emotional production and passionate performances by the actors, aims to be shown simultaneously worldwide at the end of this year, after filming begins in the middle of the month.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Corrections: Lyva
Source: Storywiz

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