WISH YOU : Two singers at the heart of a romance

This December 2, it is on YouTube that we meet KANG INSOO of MYNAME and LEE SANG of IMFACT for an interview about the drama “WISH YOU“, about the romance between the two boys.


Broadcast from December 5th on a mobile app, the two young aspiring actors answer a few questions to introduce the drama. They begin by presenting their role in the drama, namely a singer and keyboardist, and describe their romance as “heartbreaking”, but above all, fun and oriented around the world of music, so familiar to both artists. KANG INSOO presents his character as someone with a head filled with various ideas, like the actor, which is why the character he plays bears the same name. This allowed him to express himself through his role.

LEE SANG, on the other hand, has the name Yoon Sang, still very close to his real name. His character undergoes great changes throughout the drama and being passionate about music, listening the songs of Kang Insoo will gradually fall in love. He describes his character as being very shy, but willing to sweep away this shyness for the people he loves, and thus becomes much more enterprising.

« The reason I decided to start playing is because I’ve been dancing for a long time and I have experience in musicals. » – KANG INSOO

KANG INSOO adds that what motivated him to do this drama is not only his interesting and fun aspect, but he also wanted to offer new content to his fans. For LEE SANG, it is with great naturalness that he approached this shoot, because his character has a personality, again, close to his own. In reality, as he was very shy, introverted, and did not speak much as a child, his mother decided to make him take acting classes. Being already a singer, he took the opportunity to engage in dramas to reveal different facets of himself.


The two boys then return to the stage they preferred to shoot. KANG INSOO chose a scene where they had to drink beer, and LEE SANG, a scene shot on a rooftop, still remembering how beautiful the landscape was. The latter admits to being nervous and worried about the broadcast of the series, but is also just as excited. To reassure him, KANG INSOO assures him that they have done their best for this shoot. He is very eager to discover with the viewers the final rendering of the drama.

« There is a good harmony between music and love in this drama. » – LEE SANG

When asked to describe this drama in a few words, KANG INSOO replied “Wish you are our music” and LEE SANG “music and love”. They both conclude this interview by addressing a few words to their fans. They hope that their hard work will be rewarded, that fans will appreciate, and that some people will be able to identify with their character.

To watch this drama, you can either use the Idolromance mobile app, or wait until next year to find it on Netflix and other Asian platforms. In the meantime, please find the interview below:

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Translator: Pillet Anaïs
Sources: Idol Romance TV Official, KSTATION TV


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