FORBES: Influential digital artists in the Asia-Pacific region

Forbes magazine unveil a special ranking during this pandemic.

Forbes is an American magazine that focused on business, and as its reputation has evolved has unveiled rankings on technology, investors, and influencers among others.

On December 7th, Forbes decided to focus on the Asia – Pacific region of the world in order to establish a list of personalities, actors, singers, groups and television personalities, who, during the pandemic facing Covid19, knew how to take by storming the digital world in order to stay in touch with the whole world.

With their powerful social media presence, these pioneers have attracted millions of loyal followers on popular platforms, making them as famous online as they are on stage and on screen. The list that has been unveiled doesn’t include a ranking, but includes the 100 most present personalities in the digital world at the moment.

In terms of the artists present, you will be able to find, the Chinese actor and singer Jackson Yee, the Taiwanese group May Day, the Australian actress Rebel Wilson or the Malaysian singer Siti Nurhaliza.

As for Korea, the biggest representatives of the digital world are: the girl group BLACKPINK, the boys from BTS, the group TWICE, the actor LEE MINHO, the groups EXO, RED VELVET, the actor NAM JOO HYUK, singer HYUNA, actress LEE SUNG KYUNG, actor JI CHANG WOOK, singers and actresses KRYSTAL JUNG, IU, BAE SUZY, actor LEE DONG WOOK, actress KIM SO HYUN, singer SUNMI and actress PARK SHIN HYE.

We also find group’s former members or current members of non-Korean nationality such as KRIS WU (former member of EXO), JACKSON WANG (member of the GOT7 group), LUHAN (former member of EXO).

At a time when the whole world is battling a virus that is spreading at high speed, all these artists have communicated massively in order to bring maximum support, comfort and positive presence so that people around the world continue to live and move on.

Find the entire ranking: HERE

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Forbes

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