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SPILL THE BEAT : Your “All pass” for SINWUK

You must try dream big to reach your goals. In this new SPILL THE BEAT article, SINWUK will tell us about his work and his recent experience as a candidate in Show Me The Money Season 9.

(KSTATION TV recommends that you listen to the artist’s songs for a music reading experience !)

After turing 21 on 4th of November, hiphop artist PARK SINWUK and his flow are being noticed on the internet. The Korean music scene is opening its arm to the young adult who started to share his song sin 2018.

At first under the name HYDROC, the rapper now decided to use his original name SINWUK. To fit with his new “stage name”, SINWUK’s music I also very personnal. Insecurities, feelings and thoughts are th emain topic in his lyrics. With extended titles that are quite charming, he create lyrics and a musical atmosphere that catches you from the first listening.

“I started music because I always felt insecurities in myself and I wanted to express my emotions. My purpose for doing music is to let my fans feel what I’m feeling and share love with others.” – SINWUK

Passionate by hiphop music since a very young age he grow up by listening SLCHLD‘s voice (he was his very first role-model). He decided to enter Yonsei Unversity (One of the biggest university in South Korea) and met SHIN MYEONG-GUN who will act kinda like a mentor towards him and teach him musical production basis.


On February 2020, he drops his very first EP “INSIDE“. In it, 4 tracks, “MaryJane“, “Winter“, “Too young to be this hurt et “너도 내가 그립다면 머뭇거리지말고 내게 와” (“If you also miss me then you can comeback to me”) are in a chill mood, perfect for a friday night stress out. The artist’s voice fits perfectly with the very soft instruments in all of his tracks. On a more or less subjective point of view, “INSIDE” EP would be perfect as a background music in a cozy wine bar with rooftop.

With lyrics that mixes English and Korea, SINWUK has this “Korean but not fully Korean” vibe that can be felt while listening. (“Korean nut not fully Korean” is an expression usually used to speak about Koreans who have lived abroad and who got influenced by this foreign life). Since SINWUK have lived almost 10 years in Abbotsford (near by Vancouver in Canada), he keep traveling there to meet his dear friends.

The artist is very versatile. On his Soundcloud, we can notice that he makes a lot of featuring works. When he gets asked who would be his dream collaboration, he replies SIK-K. He is not affraid of challenge because he doesnt feel the need to fit into a certain kind of music.

“I guess my strenght is that I could rap and do music (…) on Soundcloud so I would feature any genre if the music is good; I could do many kind of music.” – SINWUK


Despite his nostalgia about his Canadian life, the rapper took his decision to come back to Korea and make a career there. Probably it could have been risky, but effort always pays off. He applied and succeed from first try his entry in the TV show Show Me The Money season 9 (biggest Korean rap TV show).

And it’s an “ALL PASS” and entry necklace into ZION.T x GIRIBOY team for our rapper! If you don’t really follow the show, you must consider that after some pre-selections, the artist must perform in front of a jury for few seconds, and while being judge with some “PASS” or “FAIL” depending is the jury wants him to enter in their team or not. “ALL PASS” means that all jury members liked the performance and wants him in their team. Then artist  must choose towards which mentors he wants to to go. This year’s jury is made of GIRIBOY x ZION.T, BEWHY x DYNAMIC DUO, GROOVYROOM x JUSTTHIS, CODE KUNST x PALOALTO.

On the show, SINWUK express his ambitions being listened by more people and meet some potential artists to collaborate with. He got closer with WONSTEIN, who gave him a lot of support and strength while broadcast shooting.  

Despite a talent recognized by the jurors, his reserved side will be the reason for his elimination.

“(in SMTM9) I was always testing myself and sometimes was feeling feeling low about my potential. But the show gave me trust and was a proof of my potential as I got “ALL PASS” and go into the team.” – SINWUK

For this end of 2020 and following the show, his motivation still high. He go straight towards his goal and keep following his life goal: being happy and share his emotions around. By listening SINWUK’s msuic it easy to understand that he wants to join HIGHR MUSIC (or AOMG. Both labels made by JAY PARK) since these labels fits quite well to his personality.

“My ultimate goal in music would be being successful in HIGHR MUSIC and wish that people get positive energy from me and cure their depression.” – SINWUK


SINWUK ends the interview by thanking those who listen to him and support him:

“I hope many people listen to my music and feel what I was trying to express. Plus, I want to give a big shout out to my bros NB and SHIN MYEONG-GUN and my lovely fans.” – SINWUK

Currently working on an album with SHIN MYEONG-GUN, there is no releasing date to announce so keep in touch with PARK SINWUK and KSTATIONTV to not miss any further activities !


Journaliste: Waterice
Translator: Waterice

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