IDOL RECIPE: 6 idols for a movie

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Actors HEE (DALSHABET), KENTA (JBJ95), MOON JONG UP (B.A.P), SO HEE (ELRIS), YOO HO YEON (NOIR) and NA HYUN (SONAMOO) will appear in the musical movie “Idol Recipe“.

Human comedy idol music film “Idol recipe” (directed by Peter) will be filmed in January after six idols have been confirmed, with actors HEE (DAL*SHABET), KENTA (JBJ95), MOON JONG UP (BAP), SO HEE (ELRIS), YOO HO YEON (NOIR) and NA HYUN (SONAMOO).

Idol recipe” is a musical film in which the little-known idol group “Bella”, who is in great confusion due to the coldness of her agency, manages to enter the Billboard after achieving harmony, after a conflict with bad manager Bae Jae Sung, who tried to sell them.

In the film, the members of “Bella” will express their own unique thematic songs with musical choreography and show off a spectacular theme song performance later in the film, in which actress HEE, from the group DAL*SHABET, is transformed into producer of the group “Bella” and is called Kelly. KENTA (JBJ95), who has a lot of overseas fans, will play the role of “Ready”, a dancer from “Bella”.

In addition, MOON JONG UP (former member of the group BAP) will play the role of Jang Jun a genius composer who will work with Genia, a colleague, played by NA HYUN (former member of the group SONAMOO), YOO HO YEON (NOIR) will play Doyeong, a genius of mathematics and leader of the group “Bella” and SOHEE of the group ELRIS, will be Jian the female leader and main singer.

Peter Lee, who took the megaphone, directed the dramas “Full house“, “Fashion 70s” and “Ambitious“, and directed the 2015 web drama “First Love Unchanging Law” and the joint Korean-Chinese web film “Romantic Boss“. which won the expected Film of the Year from the Chinese Giraffe Film Company in 2016.

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This post is also available in: Français (French)

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