ASTRO : The craziest in an entertainment show

Five of ASTRO‘s members showed their various charms for the entertainment show “Life. Corp 2”.


MOON BIN, YOON SANHA, MJ, ROCKY and JINJIN revealed the best and funniest sides of themselves in a show with comedian and MC Hwang Jesung. They played the roles of workers in a compagny in which they had to compete in various games.

ASTRO‘s members first showed individual talents such as impersonations, singing and rapping, but also silly talents that made them laugh a lot. While doing so, the members never forgot to add jokes that characterizes the group.

Then, they had to show their speed for a game in which the members had to enter a fitting room one by one and put on a funny costume such as Robin Hood’s or Santa’s in only 30 seconds. Their reaction when they enter it and discovered their costume was priceless and it was even funnier when they could not succeed on fitting the costume. It was way harder than they thought except for MOON BIN who was the best at it and only took 27 seconds to put on a full high-school uniform.


Last, ASTRO‘s members competed in the gifs and memes impersonations game to highlight their competitive side. Indeed, they did not hesitate putting aside their good looks in order to win and do their best for the show. They had to do cute poses or even ugly faces that were beyond their expectations to win this game. They were the funniest possible as they usually are as a group in their every day life or during entertainment shows.

The suspens shown at the end of this episode may be a clue that another episode with ASTRO could be revealed in the following days.

Journalist : Solène
Translator : Solène
Source : SNS ASTRO / LifetimeKorea

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