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GOT7: JINYOUNG new artist of BH Entertainment

GOT7‘s JINYOUNG signs an exclusive contract with BH Entertainment and officially joins the prestigious actor agency.


The famous South Korean actor agency officially announced on January 28th, 2021 via an official press release the signing of an exclusive contract with JINYOUNG member of GOT7, formerly at JYP Entertainment.

Active as a member of the South Korean boy group GOT7 as a vocalist for seven years as well as the sub-unit of the group JJ Project with frontman JB, GOT7 debuted in 2014 and wowed the hearts of the public with many songs that have become emblematic.

A multi-talented artist, singer, dancer, composer, choreographer but also actor, JINYOUNG who started under the stage name Junior will change it to his real first name a few years later.

Following the non-renewal of their contracts with their former agency JYP Entertainment, the members of GOT7 have chosen to build new projects and focus on them.

JINYOUNG began his acting career in the South Korean miniseries “Dream high” with the other members of GOT7. He will perform many roles in South Korean dramas such as “The legend of blue sea” or “He is psychometric“, the latest to be released in 2020 is entitled « When my love blooms ».

A career considered promising, an acting game hailed in the cinematographic world, JINYOUNG who seems to have multiple talents has decided to focus on his acting career and develop his potential.

Supported by iGOT7, official fandom of GOT7 but also by its fans, JINYOUNG has chosen to BH Entertainment and officially joined the agency with many other actors such as Kim Go Eun (김고은) South Korean actress, main character of the famous drama “Guardian: The lonely and great gods (Goblin)” or the South Korean actor Park Hae Soo (박해수) appeared in “Time to hunt”.

« We will support the artist JINYOUNG in the pursuit of his career through his various activities and projects of actors and singers within BH Entertainment. »

Head of BH Entertainment

Logo BH Ent from BH Ent website
BH Entertainment official logo

After the announcement of YOUNGJAE new artist of the Sublime Artist Agency ici, JINYOUNG is the second member of GOT7 to sign a contract in a new agency. JACKSON officially announced a partnership between his label TEAM WANG and Sublime Artist Agency which will allow the idol of Chinese origin to promote in South Korea ici.

Journalist: Kass
Translator: Shawn
Source: BH Entertainment

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