BANDAGE : HYEONGBIN turns 20 years old

Today, on march 3rd, we are celebration BANDAGE’s maknae’s birthday, the one and only LIM HYEONGBIN !

instagram de Hyeongbin @O3O3_bini

Born in 2001, LIM HYEONGBIN was destined to make music. His parents were huge fans of music and got a big influence on him, and this is how he started to want to learn how to play many instruments. He actually knows how to play electric, bass and accoustic guitar, harmonica, violin, piano, saxophone and clarinet, and he is still continues to extends his musical knowledge today.

His love for music is the reason why he didn’t give up his dreams. He participated in many tv shows like “star king” and “Korea’s got talent”, where he got eliminated during the semi-finals, he then won the programme “guitar king” in 2013 which led him to release a single. He also attended the survival show “UNDER NINETEEN” in 2018 in the vocal group where he will rank 35th. After this show, he joined PLAYM Entertainment and became part of the trainees group FAVE BOYS which will become later the PLAYM BOYS. In 2019, he took place in the TV show SUPERBAND, he will be part of the band PEOPLE ON THE BRIDGE with LEE CHANSOL (currently in BANDAGE), KANG KYOUNGYOON (currently in BANDAGE), KIM HYUNWOO (currently in GIFT) and KIM JOON HYUP (currently in OYSTER). The band will be eliminated during the semi-finals. After that, he debuted as a bassist in BANDAGE on April 3rd 2020, with the song “invisibles”.

HYEONGBIN is someone very calm and shy, this is one of the reasons why one of his nicknames is “red cheeks hyeongbinie” because he tends to blush a lot and very easily. He has also a passion for fashion and is known as the “fashion icon” of BANDAGE. Even though he does have a certain background in the music industry, he is still a rookie and that means that we don’t get to know much about him for now, but the agency of the band shared a solo interview about each member (you can find HYEONGBIN‘s one below with english subtitles.).

The youngest member of BANDAGE is not only a good musician, he is also a great lyricist and showed his skills in the band’s first full-album called « 432 », for which he wrote the songs “To the light” and “Time to love you”.

We are sending our best birthday wishes to HYEONGBIN and we wish him the best for the future ! If you want to know more about BANDAGE’s bassist, you can follow him on the group’s SNS @band_bandage or his personnal instagram @0303_bini.

Journalist: Solenne
translator : Solenne

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