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IKON : SONG, in the turmoil of harassment

While a wave of harassment accusations have been brought up on social networks against various idols, IKON group member SONG has also been accused on a Korean platform.

Of his real name SONG YUNHYEONG, the idol was accused on February 21 by a person who remain unknown.

The original message having been suppressed, the victim explains that she remembers her self-esteem being shattered because of her schoolmate before being silenced.

A clue about her is made with her other revelations, the victim is a woman. She states that she has written about SONG several times before, but that each time the fans came to pressure her to delete it because they were going to sue her. She also explains that the idol would have shattered the esteem of many of her female classmates by evaluating their faces in class in college.

The victim reveals that SONG hid in the bathroom of the school with her gang of friends to smoke, the photos having been on CYWORLD (a Korean social network) before disappearing.


In a comment, the author raises a question: At what point will the actions of the idol be considered damaging?

The fact that she experienced with other schoolmates the impression of being a nuisance.


Then, former schoolmates of SONG appeared to refute the victim’s revelations.

One of them, who must have been one of the idol’s small group of friends at the time, said he was a bad student but a nice classmate with a certification photo from his junior year of high school. The other directly defended his former classmate by saying:

« SONG YUNHYEONG was an ordinary student with a good level, who had never sworn on anyone. He was a friend who loved to sing. »


A third student appeared to make his voice and experience heard by refuting the allegations in detail, stating first of all that YUNHYEONG had a great talent and that he was popular because he was a friend to everyone and was appreciated.

« I have maintained a good relationship with SONG YUNHYEONG since my second year of middle school, until now, I have never seen her being influenced by bullies to create a toxic atmosphere. There are no photos where he could be seen smoking because YUNHYEONG was and always has been a non-smoker. »

He then adds :

« SONG YUNHYEONG never made any remarks that could have hurt anyone, privately or publicly. He was a respectable friend who simply moved on to other topics when his friends around him were behaving in a certain way. It’s a lie to say that we lost touch with him when we entered high school. »

The third student further adds that he was one of the people in a certain video that the victim had described as a video showing her bullies with SONG YUNHYEONG. He certifies with aplomb that the idol is still his friend who has not changed at all, having remained grateful and humble.


For the time being, neither the agency nor the principal concerned has addressed his accusations.

SONG should come back with the IKON group with the title «왜왜왜» (wae, wae, wae).

Journalist: Anaïs
Translator: Anaïs
Source: Wikitree

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