LIM HYUNSIK : Father of music

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LIM HUNSIK, or IM HYUNSIK, is a member of BTOB and its sub-unit BTOB BLUE.


IM HYUNSIK was born on March, 7th, 1992 in Seoul. His father IM JI-HOON, is a famous folk singer in South Korea. He has a brother called IM YOONSIK. IM HYUNSIK enlisted in May, 11th, 2020 and is about to be discharged on November, 214th, 2021.


IM HYUNSIK joined CUBE ENTERTAINMENT and was a trainee for 3 years with the other members SEO EUNKWANG, JUNG ILHOON & LEE CHANGSUB.

With LEE CHANGSUB, he was selected by the prestigious music university of HOWON UNIVERSITY which selects, every year, only 2 male students. Together, they studied music there for 2 years.

During his teen years, the singer told his parents he would like to make a band but his parents were against the idea. He secretely made up a band with few friends which actually got few rewards. His parents decided to send him in China for 2 years as he wasn’t focused on his studies. When he came back in South Korea, he want for an audition he passed.

This is how he debuted as a vocalist and main dancer of the band BTOB, in March 2012. He is also a member of the first sub-unit called BTOB BLUE, that debuted in 2016 with the song “Stand by me“. For the release of the second sub-unit, BTOB 4U, IM HYUNSIK offered, before his enlistment, over 10 songs for the title-song of the album. In the end, his song “Show your love” got selected and became very famous.

Talented singer, there’s no genre he can’t sing. He participated to various TV shows, such as “KING OF MASKED SINGERS” where his voice truly amazed the audience. During a show in KBS COOL FM studios, the singers had switched positions. IM HYUNSIK found himself rapping JUNG ILHOON’s part, demonstrating his talent for the genre.

Unique singer, he is one of those who can make a duet with themselves, as, as this video shows, he can rap and sing without any problem.


Unsatisfied of being an amazing singer, IM HYUNSIK also showed up as a genious composer. He participated to the creation of several songs during the first years of the band and ended up composing famous songs such as “Missing you” or “Beautiful pain“.

He started his solo career in 2019 with his album “RENDEZ-VOUS” andits title-track “Dear love“.


IM HYUNSIK is a very positive person who, just like the other members of the band, has a real passion for music. He can spend an entire night composing a song until he is satisfied. Before his enlistment, he composed a lot of songs for the second sub-unit of the band which had, back then, no name yet. He also made, few days before his enlistment, a song he composed for his fans. This song was released after his departure, as a gift and a reminder to never forget him. The song, amazing, got released on July, 7th, 2020 and is entitled “In your heart“.

Fans gave him the nickname “father of music” as most of his songs became famous. With a harmonious face, he has what’s called an “eye smile” that the members loves trying to imitate.


The other members consider him as a positive anbd open-minded person. Very talented, he’s very confident. Genius composer, he can play guitar and piano, that he uses a lot when he creates music.


IM HYUNSIK is a very talented composer with a golden voice. From all the songs he did create for BTOB, we will particularly remember the song “Missing you” who won a lot of rewards.


Journalist: Natacha
Translator: Natacha
Source: BTOB SNS

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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