HWANG CHI YEUL: An album depicting a relationship from start to finish

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Singer HWANG CHI YEUL has released a tracklist for his new mini album.

Ten2 Entertainment, his agency, posted a tracklist image for HWANG CHI YEUL‘s new mini album, “BE MY REASON” on official SNS on March 23rd, raising the temperature for his comeback.

According to the published “tracklist”, the album consists of six songs including the main song “Two letters“, “You are the reason“, “She’s gone“, “Rain“, “I didn’t know” and “Unforgetable.” which will reveal a lot of sensitivity.

This album should show a deeper feel as it is filled with ballad, a genre that represents HWANG CHI YEUL. The title song “Two Letters” is a song that allows listeners to quickly fall in love and empathize with the process from “Hi” on first meeting to “Hi” at breakup.

In particular, the final track, “Unforgetable“, will also show off his singer-songwriter aspect, with HWANG CHI YEUL participating in the writing and composition.

HWANG CHI YEOL‘s new mini album, “BE MY REASON“, which arrives two years and three months after his full album “THE FOUR SEASONS” in January 2019, is HWANG CHI YEUL‘s most valuable album he has completed for his fans, his music and the precious people.

HWANG CHI YEUL is beloved for many farewell songs with his appealing vocals such as “A daily song“, “Rewind“, “The only star“, “Learn to love” and “A walk to goodbye“, attracting the pay attention to what kind of music he will play through this album.

HWANG CHI YEUL‘s new mini album, “BE MY REASON,” which began pre-sales on March 22nd, will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on the 2nd of next month.

Journalist: Shawn
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Source: SNS Ten2 Entertainment

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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