GREATGUYS : Forget everything, the time of a MV

That’s it, it’s D-Day, today is the official release of the new comeback of the talented group GREATGUYS. A look at their music video “Touch by touch” which is worth a visit for a group that deserves much more recognition.

It’s over, after a few weeks of waiting and photos and videos teasers, fans can finally admire this comeback that will have them so impatient. The MV has been released in English for now but the Korean version will soon arrive.

The video begins with a little girl arriving in front of a visibly closed carousel, with a somewhat dark atmosphere in which this child is sad not to be able to go and play in the merry-go-round. This sadness is a strong reminder of the current situation, which does not allow us to go and have fun where we would like to. A highly realistic clip start to the life we all currently have. But HORYEONG arrives delicately and places headphones over his ears to make his sadness go away and color his day. The carousel then lights up. Like what with music our world becomes more colorful and joyful and we have this feeling of being able to do what we want.

We then find the rest of the group, HANEUL, DAUN, DONGIN, UIYEON, HWALCHAN and BAEKGYEOL, and the choreography begins. The sets used in this clip remind us of our childhood and freedom before the pandemic.The sets are colorful, childish, vintage and accompanied by music with disco sounds that make us want to dance with them. The presence of suitcases that we had seen in the first teaser, the people hugging each other without worrying about what surrounds them give us hope for this life that we had and that we will one day find. The trips we can make, outings with friends. Music allows us to do many things, to escape to forget our problems, to light up our day and enjoy. That’s what this MV shows us and it does it to perfection.At the end of the video a whole bunch of people dance and have fun thanks to the music, as if nothing had happened.

A successful childhood return for 7 of the 9 members of GREATGUYS. What is certain is that the Grace (fans of the band) will be able to live on this music and escape for 4 minutes. “meet,” “travel,” “work,” “love,” these are all of those things we hope to find and do soon. What is sure is that love is omnipresent and that despite the difficult times we go through, love, friendship is always stronger than anything. It brings us back to the title of the single “AGAIN“, all those things that we can still do when we are carried away by the music and the title of the song “Touch by touch“, that little by little we can regain all that freedom.

This comeback therefore offers us a new sense of joy and happiness, and we hope that it will arouse the curiosity of people who do not know GREATGUYS.

GREATGUYS is a group of DNA Entertainment that debuted on August 25, 2017 with the title “Last men“. The group consists of 9 members: JAEI (currently absent for health reasons), HORYEONG, HANEUL, DONGHWI (who is also absent, being in the army since November 2020), DAUN, DONGIN, UIYEON, HWALCHAN and BAEKGYEOL, the group sees its number of fans grow by day and comeback comeback. A group that deserves more recognition by its talent and abilities, between dance, singing and rap, the members regale us.

As a reminder: a video calling event with GREATGUYS has been organized. All you need to do is pre-order one or more albums via this link:, and a purchased album gives you a chance to enter the draw to win a video call.

The Korean version of the clip will be released tomorrow, April 19th, so it’s not over for your ears.

                                                                                                                                         Journalist: Nana
Translator: Nana
Source: DNA Entertainment

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