BIGBANG : A comeback that is becoming clear ?

An update that awakens the web.

The BIGBANG‘s members, began their mandatory military service in 2018, forcing them to take a break from their career. The following year, the group was hit by the Burning Sun scandal, and the involvement of SEUNGRI the youngest. He then leaves the entertainment world and consequently his group. In 2020, BIGBANG was supposed to make its comeback at the Californian Coachella Festival. The global pandemic arrived, the comeback was cancelled, without further details about the return of G-DRAGON, TOP, DAESUNG and TAEYANG on the music scene.

However, VIP (group’ fans), have received some good news recently as G-DRAGON revealed in an article by DAZED Korea to be focusing on the new BIGBANG album. Now, another sign seems to indicate that a comeback is coming. Some time ago, the profile pictures of the official Facebook pages of G-DRAGON and BIGBANG had been deleted without being replaced. Today it’s done, although the picture isn’t new, it has caused a wave of comments.

The majority of the comments are favorable to the group and show a great expectation on the part of the VIPs regarding the future comeback.

The new profile picture has also raised another debate within the community. The one concerning the place of SEUNGRI in the group. Dividing the fanbase in two, some are in agreement, others against and they do not hesitate to show it as proven by these comments.

This new profile picture leaves the fans in the doubt about the date of the comeback of BIGBANG, but also about the place of SEUNGRI in the group.


Journalist: Mmmrci
Translator : Mmmrci

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