GOT7 JAY B joins Korean Hip-Hop label H1GHR MUSIC.


After rumors relayed by media outlets as well as a series of cryptic teasers released earlier this week, GOT7 JAY B reveals to have signed an exclusive contract with Korean Hip-Hop label H1GHR MUSIC.

Through a short video, JAY B becomes the second GOT7 member to join a label created by Korean Hip-Hop mogul JAY PARK, and the last member of the group to join a new label:  he is now one of the few K-R&B H1GHR MUSIC artists.

H1GHR MUSIC is a Korean Hip-Hop label created in 2017 by Art Of Movement B-boy crew members JAY PARK and CHA CHA MALONE.

The goal of the label was to create a global, connected community through hip-hop culture. The label has been growing exponentially over the years, recruiting young talents as well as helping more established artists to prosper. 

H1GHR Music is now the home of various talents – consisting of top-notch rappers and producers both from Korea and the United States of America, such as GROOVYROOM, PH-1, PHE REDS, and more.

This four-year journey lead them to win the Label of the Year award earlier this year at the 2021 Korean Hip Hop Awards.

JAEBEOM joining this very popular label could be a major opportunity for him to get himself out there, to dive in the K-R&B scene fully.

H1GHR could be a great outlet for him to grow and shine as an artist as well as making a name for himself among his peers – if a real synergy can be created. Most artists under the label are, indeed, rappers and so it will surely be interesting to see how young K-R&B dub JAEBEOM will evolve in such rap-oriented space –  more especially since the label has yet to truly uplift any K-R&B act.


It is the recent shifts within the scene that can lead all K-Hip-Hop and K-R&B enthusiasts to wonder : will GOT7 JAY B open up a new way, create a new space for R&B artists in the industry ?

From his strong ties to rising crew ØFFSHORE to his peculiar artistry and oh-so ever-growing skills as a singer-songwriter-composer and performer, JAEBEOM could surely bring a new vision and be the breath of fresh air this industry may need. 

His passion for music, the quality of his craft and his versatile artistry has grown tenfold during his career within the group and outside of it, JAEBEOM is now ready to go on his own path. 

From solo mixtapes to ØFFSHORE EPs, JAY B has been showcasing his skills as a talented vocalist with a peculiar singing tone but also as an amazing storyteller. His songs encapsulate relatable stories, poetry-like lyrics and abstract meanings depicting common feelings, allowing his listeners to be immersed in his world and to wander in their own perceptions of emotions and surroundings. With H1GHR MUSIC, we can only hope that JAEBEOM will keep exploring outside of any boxes, to create unapologetically so and continue to amaze us.

The teaser remains cryptic, not fully hinting at what JAEBEOM’s next song is going to sound like. Yet, the very detailed teaser encapsulates a new side of him – the scenery is somewhat reminiscent of GOT7 YUGYEOM’s dance visualizer; depicting a very post-apocalyptic deserted area mixing brown and black tones with a biker aesthetic. 

H1GHR MUSIC artists as well as his GOT7 bandmates and ØFFSHORE crew members warmly welcomed the latter and congratulated him through social media posts.

JAY B himself shared his enthusiasm regarding his new label as well as his upcoming single, “Switch It Up“, produced by CHA CHA MALONE featuring JAY PARK and another artist whose name has not be revealed yet. His first single under H1GHR will be released on Friday, 6PM KST. 

JAEBEOM is undoubtedly ready to showcase new facets of his artistry, one he gave fans glimpses of on his SoundCloud account, through ØFFSHORE or GOT7’s discography. 

Many are excited to see what he is planning to release under the label, JAEBEOM has grown and improved as an all-rounder artist, perfecting himself as a singer-songwriter-composer as well as a performer.

This is a new page, a new beginning, one he is ready to embrace, fully showing that he is an amazing artistic force to be reckoned with.

Fans quickly took over social media and rejoiced under the hashtag #제이비_고하이어 or #JAYB_GoH1ghr that trended worldwide. They shared their excitement regarding his upcoming releases, a possible JUS2 reunion, some lighthearted jokes or to talk about GOT7’s members’ plans for a year that will surely be a ride.

We cannot wait to see JAY B’s artistic growth in 2021!

We wish JAY B a very successful solo career under the label!

You can find his discography down below:


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