JO YI HYEON: Her first show as an MC

JO YI HYEON returns as Entertainment MC.


Singer and actress JO YI HYEON to join SBS FiL’s new entertainment program “평생동안 여자플러스 시즌 4 (Women’s Plus Season 4)” as MC and will work with actresses Kim Seong Ryeong, Jang Young Ran and Park Hyo Ju . The “Women’s Plus” series was broadcast as a lifestyle program aimed specifically at young people and women in their 30s and 40s.

JO YI HYEON, former member of FIVE GIRLS and DIA, showed her stable hostess ability by performing as MC at the national tour “Miss Trot” concert. She also appeared as a coach in KBS2’s “Trot National Sports Festival” and displayed her charm by providing support and guidance to participating athletes as well as witty feedback.

In addition, she made a strong impression by accumulating a long film list showing strong acting skills through “Ssamnida Cheollimamateu” from tvN, “My first love” from OCN, “Bravo my life” and “Happy together” from SBS.

In addition, she is also a producer of boy group BAE173 and meets the public by showing her side of Allrounder.

As JO YI HYEON, who has shown his extraordinary sense of entertainment, challenges herself for her first entertainment program as an MC through “Women’s Plus season 4“, expectations are growing for her future performance as viewers are watching. pay great attention.

Women’s Plus 4,” joined by JO YI HYEON as MC, will premiere on May 27th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Pocketdol Studio

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