Saturday, September 30, 2023

AESPA: Here it is again with “Next level”

SM Entertainment‘s rookie group AESPA takes another leap forward based on their unique worldview.


AESPA comprised of KARINA, WINTER, GISELLE and NING NING held a press conference to commemorate the release of their new song “Next level” on May 17th live online. NING NING expressed her feelings about her first comeback, saying:

“I wanted to receive a lot of fan love and show better music and performance with “Black mamba”, but I’m excited and want to perform more powerful with “Next Level“.


GISELLE also expressed her excitement, saying, “As soon as I heard the song, I liked it so much that I have high expectations.”


Next level” is a hip-hop dance song with a remake of the soundtrack from the movie “Fast and Furious: Hops & Show” mingling with the color of AESPA, groovy rap and an energetic bassline, featuring showcasing the powerful voice of AESPA members. KARINA said:

“I tried hard to achieve a more powerful voice. Hope you can expect the strong performance with a choreography featuring several key points”.



WINTER also tried on new outfits with a futuristic concept. “I wanted to do it. Show you a stimulating and strong visual.”

AESPA takes up a new challenge with hip-hop through “Next level”. “This is the use of the original soundtrack from a movie, which Mr. Lee Soo-man paid a lot of attention to to bring out our own colors. Director Yoo Young Jin has also given much thought to the sound for bring out a specific base. He did the directing with delicacy and I really appreciate that.

Another point to watch out for is the concept that will become broader and stronger through “Next level”. AESPA, who has a concept possessing avatars, will tell the story of its journey to “KWANGYA” to find “Black mamba“, a creature that interferes with the connection of avatar “ae” (아이) and throws the world into chaos.


It’s a concept I’ve never seen before. It’s good to have our own unique style,” said WINTER.

AESPA debuted in November last year and has become top rookies in global charts, like the US Billboard and the biggest Chinese music site QQ Music, in which the group has reached 100 million views. most important in the history of the K-pop group’s first music video. “It’s a shame that we weren’t able to meet our fans in person when we started out in the era of non-face-to-face contact,KARINA said.


Regarding the qualifiers that the band wants to achieve in the future, GISELLE mentioned “The Wilderness”, a keyword linking their first songs “Black mamba” and “Next level”, and thanked them for adding the modifiers “Global Super Rookie” and “Monster Rookie”. “I want to develop and grow more and get a new qualifier, ‘the big star of the desert’“.

Discover immediately the new MV of the group AESPANext level“.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SM Entertainment

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