On the occasion of the fifth conference “CAN’T STOP HIP HOP CONFERENCE” HipHopEx presents “MOVING TOGETHER“, and welcome two Korean artists: TIGER JK and JAMES AN at their live conference at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

The artist JAMES AN represents independent Korean hip hop and TIGER JK presents himself as a producer, artist and CEO of his label FEEL GHOOD MUSIC. The two artists who grew up in the USA, will be alongside with many professionals of music, music therapist and other professionals for whom music is instrument to their profession in this event which will take place from 20 to 22 May 2021.

“As artists, creating and sharing music that share our stories and fight stereotypes against Asians have definitely helped us create conversations and build community.” – JAMES AN & TIGER JK

You will be able to watch this multi-day virtual event that highlights the connection and the link that hip hop can create in the world. The conference is free! But they accept donations in order to support the program.

The program is still unveillign more guests for te event. And on the website of HipHopEx, it is announced that RANDY MASON, BAENTOWN and ELMER MARTINEZ will be live performing.

To praticipate, here is the link !

HipHopEx Tickets

Journalist: Waterice
Translator: Waterice
Source: HipHopEx SNS

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