BIG DIPPER: Their fans won’t be unnamed

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Before their debut, the group members revealed the name of their fandom.


On June 9th the group BIG DIPPER, which had asked fans to come up with names for the fandom with a meaning, officially validated the name of “Gomie“, the person who proposed this name explained that BIG DIPPER was part of ‘a larger constellation named the “big bear”, in Korean bear pronounced “곰 (gom)”.

The 7 boys train regularly to prepare for their debut and regularly post videos or photos on their social networks so that you can discover them and discover their talents.

Now follow the boys, KIM EUN BIN, KEIL, SUCHANG, ON, SIWOO, MYUNGHOON and CHOI HYUN, on their SNS:

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This post is also available in: Français (French)

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