WILD IDOL’S EXTREME DEBUT: The new extreme survival

MBC will be producing its new wilderness survival audition program “극한 데뷔 야생 돌 Wild Idol’s Extreme Debut“, which was designed as a full-scale show.

On May 25th, “극한 데뷔 야생 돌 Wild Idol’s Extreme Debut” said: 극한 데뷔 야생 돌 Wild Idol’s Extreme Debut, is a combination of hearing and variety, which will be released in the second half of the year as survival audition for ferocious idols in the wilderness.

The survival “극한 데뷔 야생 돌 Wild Idol’s Extreme Debut” breaks with the compositional form of existing idol groups that have brought their individuality into line with the idol concept and group atmosphere.

This new program, designed to discover idols with strong physical and mental strength and add it to their skills, aims to create “national idols” by finding competitive boys with the skills, mind and survival skills. through instinctive reactions that they will show in the middle of nature.

In particular, producer Choi Min Geun, who directed “Real Man” and “Back Father”, and producer Han Young Long, who directed “Radio Star”, meet to draw attention to the concept of the program and its composition.

극한 데뷔 야생 돌 Wild Idol’s Extreme Debut” is currently announcing its audition through various recruiting, in agencies and with motivated candidates. Future plans, cast appearances, and the nature of the program will be revealed later.

Among the 45 competitors you can find different faces known as


The first step of this show will be to know who will be caught in the survival and that is going to be up to you.

You can now know the 45 participants in the auditions of this new program and start voting already.


Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: MBC

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