Your first “café” dedicated to kpop in France.

KAYO COFFEE is the first French coffee shop specially dedicated to kpop in France. Located

124 rue Nationale 75013 PARIS (FRANCE)

Led by two superb managers, they will take you on a journey through their passion in their café. Come and taste their drinks and desserts with specially adapted menus to make you discover Korean and French tastes, but also adaptations according to the events.

“A gathering place where fans can express their passion”

Enter in KAYO COFFEE and discover its two atmospheres, with the blue room and the pink room. You will also find something to discover South Korea, something to entertain you and something to leave a mark in your passage.

The little extras of KAYO COFFEE

  • A pleasant welcome, a kpop atmosphere with a decoration that will satisfy most of you.
  • Events on weekends, for a birthday of a member or a group, KAYO COFFEE will do everything to celebrate the birthdays of your favorite artists.


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