OMEGA X: The sailor look suits them so well

OMEGA X presented a fresh and sexy marine look.

OMEGA X (Jaehan, Whichan, Sebin, Hankyeom, Taedong, Xen, Jehyeon, Kevin, Jeonghoon, Hyuk and Yechan) released a dance practice video for the title song of its debut mini album on its official SNS on July 19th in the afternoon.

In the posted video, OMEGA X created a different atmosphere from the original scene with a marine look that had never been shown before. In addition to this, the neat style of black and white colors fully captures the individuality of 11 members, drawing attention by adding a refreshing charm.

Even in the natural ambience of the rehearsal room, OMEGA X‘s flexible choreographic lines led to a powerful performance, showing a high quality that reminded us of the actual performance. OMEGA X, who showed their playful excitement and even showed unexpected charms off the stage, surprised by showing off their group dance, which was tilted even in the endless changing motion until the end of the video.

In particular, member HANGYEOM added fun with the choreography key point “Dung-Gideok Dance” and Korean rhythm details with gestures that use a traditional fan.

Earlier, OMEGA X published an announcement of an event to reward the number of views of the “Vamos” music video and released a training video with the sailor-look version. Fan expectations are rising as another video with a different concept is expected to unveil to keep the promise made to fans.

The title track “Vamos”, which OMEGA X presented through a choreographic video, is a trendy hip-hop genre song that combines cheerful and exotic sounds with Latin-style lyrics. The solid voices of the members and the sultry rap are in dynamic harmony, captivating the ears of the listeners.

OMEGA X, who showed off its hidden childish charm with deadly charisma, demonstrated the power of a “monster rookie” by proving its colorful conceptual wrenching.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Spire Entertainment

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