SOLAR: A body line to die for the goddesses

The photoshoot of MAMAMOO leader SOLAR and director Yang Soo Seung has been released.

Men’s Health Korea, a men’s magazine, recently featured photos of SOLAR and Yang Soo Seung in the August issue.

SOLAR and Yang Soo Seung followed a two-month diet aimed at the cover of the health magazine, during KBS’s entertainment program “Boss in the mirror“.

In the posted photo shoot, SOLAR and Yang Soo Seung proved successful by following this diet to show strong muscle line after two months.

SOLAR’s 11-shaped abs, which are clearly positioned, showed off her firm upper body muscles, like Hulk’s, and drew praise from officials. Both personalities continued to train to the extreme. by performing a “dry” to further improve the visibility of their muscles,” said Men’s Health Korea.

SOLAR showed her healthy and sensual charm by donning summer clothes such as a bodysuit and a swimsuit. Yang Soo Seung showed off his upper body and muscles, proving his true character as a training director.

In an interview held after the photoshoot, SOLAR accepted Yang Soo Seung’s offer and revealed why she agreed to be the cover model, how to exercise, and how to diet for two months.

It’s like a dream to be the main character in order to show off a healthy body,” said Yang Soo Seung, speaking of his changed life and his dream after appearing in the magazine.

The August issue of “Men’s Health Korea“, where you can see SOLAR’s photoshoot and interview, will be pre-released to an online bookstore on July 22nd.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Men’s Health Korea

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