JACKSON WANG : an emotional comeback with “Drive you home”

JACKSON WANG‘s new single “Drive you home” is out!

On Thursday July 29, 2021, JACKSON WANG released his brand new single “Drive you home” in collaboration with Internet Money.

Jackson Wang, Internet Money – Drive you home Digital cover

Two weeks after the release of his remix for “California” by Rich Brian, NIKI and Warren Hue, JACKSON is back with an emotional MV in which he plays role of a young man who reminisces about his moments spent with his past lover. In the music video, the story of his character ends tragically from a car accident that killed his partner. At the same time, the lyrics of the song express his regrets and longing following the abrupt end.

JACKSON WANG is a Chinese singer who was first known as a member of the septet GOT7. Along with his group career, he also progressively built his own. Following the foundation of his own label TEAM WANG in 2017, JACKSON kept branching out and conquering the global market, from China to the United States, by collaborating with numerous artists and labels such as Gucci Mane, 88rising or Afgan.

This time, the artist is renewing: previously, three of his remarkable works were “100 ways“, “Pretty please” and “LMLY” where he paid particular attention to the cinematrography and the Chinese and Hong Kongese culture he wanted to share. Although he keeps polishing his MV production with James Mao (Mamesjao) who previously worked on “LMLY” and “Magnetic“, the musicality, the melody and the lyrics are taking up more space in “Drive you home“.

And so, from the beginning of his career, JACKSON has been inviting his audience to explore different artistic aspects with him: from rap to pop music, from extravagant visuals to simple decors, from performance MVs to cinematographic MVs, the singer breaches the boundaries between genres and gives his audience the opportunity to discover all these sides of musical art.

Listen to “Drive you home” by JACKSON WANG on all global streaming plateforms here.

Journalist: Catherine
Translator: Catherine
Source: SNS Jackson Wang

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