JACKSON WANG releases STANDARD, the third permanent collection of his brand TEAM WANG design.

TEAM WANG design is back with its brand new collection TEAM WANG COOKIES 3 – STANDARD.

The monochrome collection includes 13 new pieces with some tops and bottoms, a coat and hats. With this new line, the brand delivers high-quality products through its three corduroy items along with well-made cuts and finishes on its monogram shirt and its double-side bucket hat. True to its identity, the brand also offers understated pieces like the three logo t-shirts.

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Keeping with the tradition, the launch of this new line is not only happening online, but also in a unique concept space at the MIXC WORLD in Shenzhen, similarly to the launch of COOKIES – THE ORIGINAL and COOKIES 2 – THE VELVET. Inspired by the Chinese Chess game, the floor is a chess board with an installation decorated by the “STANDARD” signature, recalling the “Chu River and Han Border” dividing the two camps on the board. This ephemeral space is also a way for JACKSON to express his vision:

First of all, this is our culture. This Chinese Chess game is our culture. And second… When you play a game of chess, everyone starts with the same pieces. Everyone is the same. And it depends on what move you do, every single time. That’s your standard. And that defines the result and the outcome of the game.


For the occasion, many celebrities have been invited to visit the store. Among them were many influencers, as well as the three other members of PANTHEPACKKARENCICI, ICE and J.Sheon.

TEAM WANG design is a fashion brand founded by JACKSON WANG in 2020. As a multi-hyphenate and ambitious artist, this investment is for him a new mean of expressing his art, but also a mean to explore and develop his vision: reconciling the entertainment inudstry, breaching the boundaries and allowing Chinese artist to expand further. Among others, he is aiming at creating a bridge betwen fashion and music and offers to introduce his culture. Read more.

Get your TEAM WANG COOKIES 3 – STANDARD online here with TEAM WANG design and HBX.

Journalist: Catherine
Translator: Catherine
Source: TEAM WANG design

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