BTOB : LEE CHANGSUB surprises his fans

LEE CHANGSUB surprised his fans with a new haircut.


Against all expectations, LEE CHANGSUB, from the KPOP group BTOB, posted a video on his instagram account where he was having a hair cut.

After he shocked his fans whom reactions were nombrous on SNS, the singer and vocalist of the group made a live, on his Instagram account, where he read Melody’s commebts (BTOB‘s fans).

I didn’t have any specific reason to do this. I did it because I wanted to. And I hope all of you can also do what you want to.

During his live, the singer explained, with humour, that he has sent a picture of his new hairstyle to his Maknae (group’s youngest memeber), YOOK SUNGJAE, who just answered “Lol“.


LEE CHANGSUB also explained that he didn’t send the pic to IM HYUNSIK, his dongsaeng (member who’s younger than him) because he was scared of being scolded.

With a lot of humour, the fans dropped some hashtags on internet, especially on Twitter, writing “#servewellChangsub“, referring to the hairstyle he got when he left for his military service.

The members IM HYUNSIK & YOOK SUNGJAE came back from their military service but will be officially discharged on November 14th. If YOOK SUNGJAE already went live twice on his Instagram, the fans are still waiting for an update from IM HYUNSIK..

The group BTOB, from CUBE ENTERTAINMENT, made its debuts in 2012 with the song “Insane“. They should celebrate their 10th stage anniversary with their fans, on stage, during a comeback concert.

Journalist : Natacha
Translator : Natacha
Source : BTOB SNS



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