SEVENTEEN: A powerful concert

It is on Sunday November 14th that the group SEVENTEEN of PLEDIS ENTERTAINMENT is holding an online concert via the Weverse app.


Composed of members S.COUPS, WONWOO, MINGYU, VERNON, WOOZI, JEONGHAN, JOSHUA, DK, SEUNGKWAN, HOSHI, JUN, THE8 and DINO, the male group shares a moment with their fans during an online concert entitled “POWER OF LOVE”. The concert begins with the broadcast of a video featuring the members lying on the ground, surrounding JOSHUA who is the only one awake, followed by the others who gradually regain consciousness. We then discover them on stage (with the exception of THE8 and JUN who are in China) to open the show with the title “Crush”, the boys being dressed in black, leather, before continuing with “Anyone” . The camera sets allow us to realize that the stage is shaped like lips, as if the group were present inside whispering soft words to us. By comments, fans go wild praising the beauty of the artists as well as their precise dances, especially when WOOZI equips himself with an electric guitar to start the first notes of “Clap” rock version, with a fiery intro accompanied by dancers.

The boys then take a break to talk to their fans, the CARATS. They begin by expressing their joy to be with their fans, even though they are online, and claim to have prepared this concert hard to satisfy them. They went to bed like this late that night for the final preparations for this show. They hope that next time the concert will be held in person so as to have an audience and convey their love directly. They then introduce themselves one by one, their microphone occasionally modifying their voice to give them a robotic voice. They compliment each other on their look for this concert opening, as well as their hairstyle. WOOZI is however saddened to have to do this concert online, the members seeking to cheer him up by spoofing him on the color of his microphone which is pink. MINGYU, for his part, expresses his joy at sweating, reminding him of his very first concert. Finally, the group thanks the fans, because they reached ten million in sales with their latest album, having performed their concert last month. As a gift to CARATS, the two Chinese members THE8 and JUN are connected to the live, calling the group to send a message and support their group, not being able to be in Korea for the moment because of the health situation and their activities in China. (serial shooting, broadcast).

SEUNKWANG announces that of two planned concert dates, the first represents the concept of power (Power), and the second, for Japanese audiences, that of love (Love). He goes on to state that the songs performed so far are just the tip of the iceberg and that they have a lot of content planned for this big day. To underline their words, the group begins to sing “Ready to love“, followed by “Crazy in love“, revealing a backstage representing an office with a vintage atmosphere. To allow the artists to change their outfits, the members VERNON, JOSHUA and the two Chinese members in video, perform the title “Network love” with a troupe of dancers. A new video is shown at the end of this performance, where the members are found wandering in a forest or in corridors. Finished, we discover the artists dressed in pearly black and white to interpret the song “Face pace“, with Latin tunes. They continue the show with “Bittersweet” to stay in the same musical style. Smoke invades the stage to give it a dreamy and light atmosphere. Despite the fact that the concert is online, we can hear the cry of the fans between each track, they now announce the track “I wish“.

The next title is “Home”, the group being surrounded by holographic light to give an atmosphere again vintage, as if the singers had taken possession of a dance floor of the 80s. They then give way to a video featuring the boys in the snow, or surrounded by balloons, all in fairly neutral hues since the start of the concert. They then come back in force with a military look to sing “Hit”, surrounded by flags and scaffolding. The scene gains strength with the frenzied choreography of this track, before moving on to “Check-in” in new colorful outfits, performed by the rap sub-unit comprising S.COUPS, VERNON, WONWOO and MINGYU. They continue with “Gam3 bo1” in electronic sounds to refer to the title of the song. Then follows “Last order“, sung solo by DINO, before the vocalist sub-unit performs “Pinwheel”, a sub-unit made up of DK, JEONGHAN, WOOZI, JOSHUA and SEUNGKWAN. The group finds themselves projected into a field of sunflowers surrounded by hot air balloons by the images scrolling across the screens around them. They continue with “Imperfect love“, just after exclaiming how happy they are to hold this concert.

HOSHI then makes his appearance to perform his solo song “Spider”, hanging upside down on bars as in the associated clip. Dancers accompany him, and fans continue to go wild in the comments. The rest of the members join him to perform “Fear”, surrounded by flames, just before a final video is released. The end of the concert is approaching, and the CARATS are feeling it, expressing their frustration to see the show they have been waiting for slowly coming to an end. Before this sad ending, the group goes back on stage in denim outfits for a few last songs, starting with “My my“. A bridge was installed on stage for the members to sing on, before moving on to “Heaven’s cloud”, this time sitting on the stairs. Behind the group are images of an amusement park in the clouds, making the scene magical.

SEVENTEEN then performs “Beautiful”, dedicating this song directly to their fans by complimenting them. Confetti is thrown all over the stage, then the group pauses again to chat with the fans. They say they have chosen their favorite songs for this concert, as a playlist they recommend to energize themselves. They then congratulate DINO on his solo song, highlighting how it has evolved since his debut and revealing that he has spent all night in the studio preparing it. Then DK tries to sing “Gam3 bo1” with the robotic voice transformer, imitated by HOSHI on “Spider”. They return to their outfits, saying they chose jeans jackets to match their pants, because they were curious about the reaction of their fans. They express how satisfied they are with this concert, despite the absence of the fans, having been able to show exclusive performances. However, they announce the last song, and greet their fans in advance. The first notes of “Rock with you“, their last comeback, then resonate to end the show powerfully. The lights go out, as fans comment “encore” and “Seventeen” to bring the group back on stage. Following the request of the fans, a final video is broadcast.


SEVENTEEN returns on stage to perform “To you” on a wooden stage, then the members discuss again among themselves for a few final words. WOOZI is the first to say a few words, recalling that they have worked hard for this concert bearing in mind that this is the last online concert they will hold. S. COUPS thanks the CARATS for making them happy while waiting to see each other again. The other boys nod, complaining that the concert was too short for them. SEUNGKWANG recalls the promotions they have held throughout the year, remembering how busy they have been despite the covid. VERNON took the opportunity to say a few words in English, asking the international fans to stay healthy until their next meeting. They hope to have transmitted their energy, and admit to dreaming of the moment when they will stand on stage in front of their fans after such a long wait. They express their joy, however, to see the support of their fans who watch them online, and hope that future performances will continue to please them. The group goes to the previously installed bridge to take pictures to immortalize this moment, holding fans representing THE8 and JUN so that they too are present.

The concert ends with the song “Thinkin’ about you”. They continue with “Left and right” by thanking the dancers who accompanied them during the concert, and end with the song “All my love” before leaving the stage for good by sending words of love to their fans.

The words of our reporter: “As a ‘non-fan’ of Seventeen, I enjoyed following this concert and discovering tracks that I didn’t know. The different stages were worked on, the voices powerful, and seeing the members enjoying being on stage made me have a good time with them.

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Translator: Shawn
Photos: Pledis Entertainment

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