Tuesday, October 3, 2023

NU’EST: Performance at the KBS Song Festival 2021

The group NU’EST decorated the “KBS Song Festival 2021” with a perfect group dance.


NU’EST appeared at KBS2’s “KBS Song Festival 2021“, which aired on the afternoon of December 17th, and featured the title track “Inside out” and the track “Dress” from their second full album. “ROMANTICIZE” released this year.

First of all, NU’EST appeared in suits in navy blue color with details and caught the eye as they stepped out of between the Led. NU’EST, who showed flawless group dancing along with unmatched sophistication and visuals on the “Inside out” stage, dominated the stage with an overwhelming aura.

NU’EST has also prepared a special performance of “Inside out“, which adds a special touch to the end of the year stage. NU’EST, who recently rearranged “Inside out” to suit the mood of the next scene with the song “Black”, made the scene atmosphere even hotter.

On the “Black” stage, NU’EST revealed a different atmosphere. The groovy beat and addicting melody caught ears, and NU’EST wowed viewers by showing off their sexy charisma, relaxation, and stage manners.

As such, NU’EST showcased irreplaceable performances and unmatched live skills at “KBS Song Festival 2021“, catching the attention of many fans at home and abroad, complementing the year-end scene beautifully. .

NU’EST will appear at the “SBS Music Festival 2021“, which will be broadcast live on December 25th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Pledis Entertainment

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