Friday, September 29, 2023
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KIM DOYEON: Learn Parisian fashion with DOYEON

KIM DOYEON is a real little Parisian in the heart of Seoul. She is one of the emblematic figures of fashion among the artists of Kpop.

To end the year the magazine “The Star” published a photo shoot with KIM DOYEON, member of the group WEKI MEKI.

In the photoshoot published in the January issue, the magazine’s 100th commemorative issue, KIM DOYEON showed off her presence as an “idol fashionista”, under the theme of “My Style”. In the photos released, KIM DOYEON paired a white t-shirt with jeans adding, at other times to her sultry everyday look, a sweater, muffler, knitwear and a bag.


In the interview following the photoshoot, KIM DOYEON said: “It should be warm and pretty in the winter. I like to wear coats rather than long parkas and I like to style my hair with varied styles,” expressing her own winter style and style advice.


KIM DOYEON, who has recently been active as an actress, said:

“Now I am starting to gain confidence in myself. I want to work hard and I think I can profit from it. I want to challenge various genres, from sports movies to comedy.”

As for the real personality that I think of myself, “There are a lot of people in me. It’s extreme,” adding: “I have a lot of affection and love, but sometimes on the contrary, I am sometimes cold.” she said honestly.

Asked about happiness, she said, “I’m really happy these days. Hobbies are really important to me, and I’ve found the right hobby.”

KIM DOYEON‘s stylish fashion photo and interview can be found in the January issue of The Star (released December 30).

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: The Star

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