NEWS: “I’ll divulge everything if she makes her debut!”

A new controversy has emerged over the disclosure of school violence against a member of a group of girls who are about to debut.

On January 11, an article was published on an online community called “Revealing Members of Girl’s Group Scheduled to Launch in April of this Year.

The author of the article said: “This is the disclosure regarding trainee A from a certain agency. I am a close friend of the biological sister of victim B, and I wrote at the request of my friend“.

The author revealed: “연습생 A 는 친구 C 와의 메신저 를 통해 B 를 수면제 를 먹여 장기 매매 시키자“, “그냥 몸 XX 라고 하고 장기 하나 빼자” remarks that A would have made to B to put her in the wrong position .

He then said: “Senior man D, who was close to trainee A, visited victim B after hearing A’s words and sent him a threatening message.”

Another victim currently has a video of A smoking X. Additionally, there is video evidence of A’s violent words and actions, and if she makes her debut, he will report it to the media.” , said the author.

Internet users who saw this replied, “If this is true, we should kick them out immediately,” “This is so shocking” and “Please show us some evidence for now.”

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Communauté en ligne coréenne

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