TAEYEON: A strong concept for a pre-release title

TAEYEON of GIRLS ‘GENERATION (SNSD) announced a deep sensibility with her new song “Can’t control myself“.


The pre-release single from TAEYEON’s third album, “Can’t control myself“, is due out on various music sites at 6pm. on January 17th, which is expected to receive enthusiastic responses from music fans.


The new song “Can’t control myself” is a pop-punk ballad song with intense sound that stimulates emotions, and TAEYEON’s enticing vocals are impressive as if she is bursting her emotions.

In particular, TAEYEON was involved in the lyrics, direction and concepts of the title. Even though she appears hurt and in pain, she expresses a love that is dangerous to her lover’s heart. TAEYEON’s voice, which expresses deep emotions well, enhances the immersion in the song.

Additionally, the teasers posted via GIRLS ‘GENERATION‘s various SNS accounts at noon on January 12 caught attention as they contain the unique visual of TAEYEON, which displays deep emotions.

TAEYEON will pre-release their single “Can’t control myself” on January 17th and release their third album in February.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS SNSD

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