ONEWE: A new face-to-face (and online) concert

ONEWE, the talented boy group, will hold a solo concert and meet fans.

ONEWE (Yonghoon, Kanghyun, Harin, Dongmyeong, and Cya) posted a poster of the second live concert “O! NEW E!volution II” on the official fan cafe and its SNS on January 21 and announced the news of the live concert for the 12 February.

The poster shows the members of ONEWE dressed in black style. As shown in the darker makeup, it predicts a newly evolved appearance of the five members. In particular, ONEWE will showcase their own overwhelming group performance through this concert.

The ONEWE concert is the first in 11 months since STUDIO WE: LIVE #6 [ONEWE? or ONEWE!] held in March last year. At that time, ONEWE showed a variety of performances for two days with a black and white concept and received great response from fans, so expectations are also high for this live concert.

ONEWE recently released their second mini-album “Planet Nine: VOYAGER.” The new album expresses the appearance of the five members taking new steps on ONEWE’s own planet with high-quality music and concept. It re-proved the wide musical spectrum of ONEWE by filling all the songs with self-composed music by five members.

Although it is rated as a well-made album that merges strong teamwork and five-color charm into an even expanded worldview, ONEWE is expected to perform the songs from its new opus with more intense group performances and colored through “O! NEW E!volution II“.

ONEWE’s second live concert “O! NEW E!volution II” will be held online and offline at YES24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the 12th of next month. Before that, you can book tickets for the concert offline at YES24 tickets at 8 p.m. on January 27 and tickets online at hello82.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: RBW

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