STRAY KIDS: The DanceRacha wows fans with their magazine covers

The boys of STRAY KIDS and most importantly, the DanceRacha sub-unit all posed for magazine covers this month. LEE KNOW, the oldest of the three, posed for Beauty+ Magazine, HYUNJIN worked for Dazed and finally FELIX modeled for Single.

LeeKnox, Felix, HyunJin – Stray Kids

LEE KNOW‘s magazine issue will be published in February and fans only got the covers of this one. The dancer is very charismatic and plays with his charms. Everything hinges on the beauty of his piercing gaze.

For Dazed, HYUNJIN totally steps out of his comfort zone to get lost in a retro galactic world that is meant to be romantic. The young man was able to show off a little patch of skin that fans rarely see.

He also posted behind-the-scenes mirror selfies that were just as talked about as the photoshoot itself.

FELIX was the most surprising of the three. The beauty of the dancer is well established, but his presentation for Single magazine was extraordinary. The play of colors and looks made him viral on social media and he was the member who attracted the most covetousness from fans.

Additionally, the youngest teased fans on Instagram by posting several of the photos taken for the magazine.

We’ll get back to you when all photos are officially released in the future.

Out of three, which was the member that most capsized your heart?

Journalist: Camille
Translator: Shawn

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