KANG DANIEL: He sings for his drama

KANG DANIEL has recently made his debut on the Korean drama scene, but he has not lost sight of his singing career.


In the brand new police k-drama “Rookie Cops“, KANG DANIEL takes on the role of a young policeman, who has just entered a university known to be very conservative and elitist. To accompany the audience on this adventure, not only will they see KANG DANIEL play the lead role, but they will also hear him singing the OST (Original SoundTrack) called “Hush Hush” (Korean version).

For this OST, KANG DANIEL is joined by MIYAVI, a popular singer and guitarist in Japan. “Hush Hush” will be released on 9 March at 6pm.

Through this soundtrack, KANG DANIEL sends a special message to his fans.

He explains:

“I am very honoured to welcome you into this drama not only as an actor but also in the soundtrack. “Hush hush” is an exciting and colorful song that fits perfectly with the hot-blooded youth drama “Rookie Cops“. I’m glad to be able to hear it in Korean as well. I hope viewers and Danity will also enjoy this one with a different feel from the original song.”

Hush hush” introduces us to a rather special style, between rock and dance. This arrangement of two very different musical styles creates a mysterious atmosphere throughout the song. We also recognize MIYAVI‘s style, with his unique guitar tone, combined with KANG DANIEL‘s soft voice.

If you haven’t yet been charmed by “Rookie Cops“, you can watch its trailer on the Disney Plus Korea YouTube channel.

If you want to follow KANG DANIEL in his first steps as an actor, you can find “Rookie Cops” on the streaming platform DISNEY+. And if you want to listen to the “Hush hush” soundtrack, you can do so on all streaming music platforms from 9 March at 6pm KST.

Journalist: Limpix
Translator: Limpix
Source: Music and new

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