LEE EUNJI: Help to move

Comedian and comedian LEE EUNJI appeared on “나혼자산다 (I live alone)” and introduced her “best friend” showing strong friendship.


On MBC’s “I live alone” episode, which aired on March 25, LEE EUNJI caught the eye by performing a “Best Friend Chemistry” with fellow comedian Kim Hae Joon.

On the same day, LEE EUNJI asked “sunbae (person older than her)” Kim Hae Joon to move furniture for spring. LEE EUNJI showed her strong friendship with Kim Hae Joon by saying, “He is an oppa (older brother) that I rely on a lot.” Kim Hae Joon, who easily responded to LEE EUNJI‘s request, arrived home and laughed at the sight of many stacked boxes and luggage.

In particular, when LEE EUNJI said, “You are cute,” Kim Hae Joon said, “I don’t want to be a cute senior for you,” immersing himself in situational games and creating a scene where his hands and hands feet are constantly curling up, giving viewers a lot of pleasure.

Additionally, LEE EUNJI thanked Kim Hae Joon for helping her clean the house and offered her a meal. LEE EUNJI and Kim Hae-joon’s online “flirting” caught the eye as they ate and discussed various controversies, such as a romance, which have been igniting SNS recently.

LEE EUNJI continues his broadcasting activities such as tvN’s “Comedy Big League“, MBC every1’s “The war of rose“, and YouTube channel “Eunjirang”.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Cube Entertainment

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