DKB : Words spoken under the influence of alcohol

BRAVE ENTERTAINMENT‘s male group DKB is making a comeback today, with a fourth mini album called “REBEL“.


Composed of members LUNE, YUKU, HEECHAN, HARRY JUNE, JUNSEO, GK, D1, E-CHAN and TEO, the group returns to the front of the stage during a face-to-face journalist showcase in Seoul. The mini album offered is made up of four tracks, “ Sober“, “ Get away“, “ Rollercoaster ” and the remix version of the title song, which is therefore “ Sober”. The group begins by expressing its stress, but also its excitement to be on stage, since it is the second time in its career that it has had a showcase where journalists can be present because of the sanitary conditions. After taking a break for the photographers, the group presents this mini album. The title track is about the feelings one is only able to express when under the influence of alcohol. To represent this, the dance mimics moments of drunkenness, and movements highlight the toasting of glasses between the members. The second track is called “ Get away ” and is more sparkling in its sounds.

« I recommend the song “Get away” for a car ride, along the Han River » HEECHAN

The third track is “ Rollercoaster ”, which is a gift to the fans, and as for the remix, it’s a much more rock version than the title track. The boys say they love the title track as much as its remix version, and the choice between the two was difficult. After this brief album presentation, DKB performs the song “Get away“, which has a choreography using the lyrics of the song. For example, when members say they are going to “go after us“, they can be seen running. They hop around, make cute gestures, and seem to be having fun on stage. Once the performance is over, the clip for “ Sober ” is broadcast, and the contrast with “ Get away ” is striking as the styles are so diametrically opposed. Before presenting the performance of the title song, we first find the group to discuss again with the journalists.

The group looks back on the period of preparation for this comeback, affirming this hard training, not only on the singing or dancing level, but also for the visual of the members. The latter have tried to appropriate this new, darker style, and HEECHAN is selected as the member who best represents this comeback. The group’s desire was to be more charismatic than in previous albums, and to refine its musical imprint. GK would also like to highlight the fact that all the members have done hair coloring for this comeback, and once again, HEECHAN is chosen as the boy who has done the most.

DKB – Get Away Performance

They are then very proud to embark on their first tour of the United States since their debut. They admit that they did not believe the agency when it made the announcement, and are now excited to meet their foreign fans. They therefore prepare exclusive performances, and are happy to become “ global idol ”. They also returned to the international music charts, where they were able to reach twentieth place. Their goal now is to reach first place, in the charts and music shows.

«We want to become a group whose next album will be eagerly awaited» JUNSEO

While waiting to achieve this goal, the group is expanding its fanbase by participating in reality TV shows. During the filming of the “ DKB United ” show, the members did not feel stress or anything else, as they all had fun together. The boys continue to improve their team spirit, and claim to have grown closer since their debut. Their goals are to make themselves known, but before that, to also get closer to their fans, Korean and foreign. The tour in the United States is only the beginning for them, hoping to have other opportunities soon to organize events around the world. Little by little, DKB realizes its dream and its goals, and the consecration for the members would be to be number in the Billboard charts.

DKB – Sober Performance

Since their beginnings, the young men have felt that they have found their essence, and therefore wish to be recognized for their musical style. In addition, they hope to become a versatile group that can try out various genres, as shown by the contrast between “ Sober ” and “ Get away ”. Even if they want to be known with a particular musical imprint, they do not want to confine themselves to a single style. On these last words, the group concluded the discussion session in order to present for the first time the performance of “ Sober “. The boys are energetic and charismatic, and seem to enjoy being on stage. At the end, they warmly thank the journalists who came, and their fans supporting them since their debut.

The words of our reporter: It’s been a pleasant hour spent alongside the group, I wish them a good tour! »

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Photos & videos: Pillet Anaïs

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