ATEEZ: HONGJOONG releases a new cover worthy of a music video

On the afternoon of May 4, ATEEZ leader HONGJOONG released a cover of German band FOOL’S GARDEN‘s « Lemon tree » for his personal content series named « BY. HONGJOONG ».

In this music video, HONGJOONG is depicted sitting on the ground with a lemony hairstyle reminiscent of the title of the song. He interprets the latter in an empty way by wiping cups and a kitchen counter with white bread or even by giving a manicure to a mannequin for example. Thereby, through this delicate performance of 3 minutes and 46 seconds, he delivers a deep state of mind centered on the feeling of absence and loneliness while taking up the emotional lines of the original song.

Moreover, HONGJOONG directly participated in the creation of the rap part and designed for this video clip a monodrama full of his own sensibility. Indeed, we find lyrics full of spirit and emotions with for example the expression of loneliness through the use of the « Do not disturb » and the « Airplane mode » functions. His cover’s visual is closer to a high quality video clip rather than a simple performance. This is explained by a real work of image and aesthetics giving an atmosphere specific to HONGJOONG’s musical universe. We find this with, for example, the use of a fisheye lens accentuate the oppressive atmosphere felt by loneliness. At the end, we can see a bonus video with deleted scenes. And contrary to the gloomy atmosphere of this main video clip, we can discover HONGJOONG’s shy and joker image adding a charm to his touching interpretation.


Personal content « BY. HONGJOONG », which focuses on the reinterpretation of various famous songs arranges and writes by HONGJOONG, proves his musical abilities one more time. Indeed, some of them like « Space oddity » by DAVID BOWIE and « Black or white » by MICHAEL JACKSON have exceeded one million views on YouTube. Moreover, LINKIN PARK‘s cover of « Numb » surpassed two million views on YouTube and immediately received eulogistic reviews upon its release from original songwriter MIKE SHINODA. After this record, thanks to the support and wanting to keep the promise made to ATINYs (fandom’s name), HONGJOONG organized a busking concert. In this concert, he could perform in person his covers and his personal songs like « Draw and draw » and « All about you » accompanied by MADDOX and ATEEZ members.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ, of which HONGJOONG is the « Captain », is currently on a European tour.

Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura
Source: KQ Entertainment

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