SF9: INSEONG supported by Mexican fans

Young audiences gathered early on one side of the Mexico Park outdoor stage in Mexico City, Mexico’s capital, on May 7 (local time), when a performance by a Korean army military band took place.

Fans came to see INSEONG from k-pop group SF9, who traveled to Mexico as a member of a military band.

The Army Military Band, which came to Mexico to mark the 60th anniversary of Korea-Mexico diplomatic relations, performed at a reception to commemorate diplomatic relations and veterans’ events, at start with a joint military concert with the Mexican army.

Fans who heard about their favorite star’s visit to Mexico via social media took to the park with handmade signs such as “Soldier Kim In Seong Fighting” and “Korean Soldier Fighting.”

A fan, Ambar, who came from Pachuca, about 100 km from Mexico City, said:

“I thought INSEONG would join the army and we couldn’t see him for a while, but I’m so happy to see him in Mexico unexpectedly.”

Another fan wearing an SF9 T-shirt was also excited to meet k-pop idols in Mexico.

Before the concert, SF9’s Mexican “Fantasy” fan club said, “It’s not a k-pop event or an SF9 performance, but a military band performance, so everyone should cheer for it.” He also posted notices such as “We must refrain from excessive shouting so as not to interfere with the performance” and “We must make Korean residents in Mexico comfortable.”

IN SEONG, who hosted the event, responded to the support from Mexican fans by singing SF9’sOsole mio.”

The Army Military Band has been acclaimed by Mexican audiences for performances in various genres, including Disney soundtracks, a K-pop medley, as well as performances by pangut, vocal ensemble and instruments at drink.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS Fan mexicains

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