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GOT7 : GOT7 makes history with an awaited comeback.

It has been a busy couple of years for K-Pop powerhouse GOT7. From parting ways with their former company to successfully launching solo careers, the group is now making a very much-awaited return with a mini-album titled “GOT7”.

All the members ended their contracts with JYP Entertainment last year, each going their own way to pursue a solo career, while strongly stating that the GOT7 journey remains ongoing. More than a year after the release of the band’s last single “Encore”, GOT7 is now back with a new self-produced and composed eponym mini-album. With 3 concepts for group and individual teasers posted on social media, all revolving around the idea of construction, renewal and new beginnings, GOT7 raised expectations of all fans by showcasing various fashion styles and settings. 
The group performed the mini-album’s single “NANANA” during their 2-day fancon “Homecoming with IGOT7”, before revealing the track’s music video and the entire album earlier today, on May 23rd. Shortly before the release, the septet gathered for a press conference and a Twitter Blue Room live during which they shared their excitement and nervousness about this comeback.

The mini-album “GOT7” contains 6 tracks, varying between upbeat summer melodies and strong electro-pop and R&B sounds. The project’s impeccable production has immediately enticed fans : the tracks, all involving GOT7’s members’ input, highlight each member’s personal feel and their synergy which is now their trademark. The main single “NANANA”, written by JAY B and ØFFSHORE crew members, is preceded by the songs “TRUTH”, another ØFFSHORE pop and R&B track, and “Drive To The Moon”, an upbeat summer pop track by ARS, Boytoy and friends. Then follows the songs “Two”, an R&B track with hints of EDM that are not without reminding one of YUGYEOM’s SoundCloud days; fan-favorite B-side “Don’t Care About Me”, also written by YUGYEOM and JINYOUNG; and soft pop ballad “Don’t Leave Me Alone” by the ØFFSHORE crew. One of the many strengths of GOT7’s album undoubtedly lies in the pen of Jay B. Aside from the outstanding producing skills of his ØFFSHORE crew, the leader never fails to capture the essence of his bandmates as well as the raw emotion and sense of bittersweet nostalgia surrounding this comeback. JAY B has been at the core of the band’s overall artistry, having written, composed and produced his fair share of GOT7’s singles and B-sides. Overall, each song strongly reflects the mood of its songwriter, as well as blending in the septet’s distinct colors. Each member has been extremely dedicated to the team’s craft. GOT7 members have been involved in every step of the creative process behind their albums for quite some time. Be it in songwriting-producing or choreography and videography, their ever-growing skills and artistry have reached unprecedented levels with this new release. 

If the title “NANANA” is a subtle reference to the repetition in the name of their very first single “Girls Girls Girls”, its music video is not without reminding one of the group’s previous works. Fans have applauded the detailed production of the “NANANA” music video, discussing possible references to past video clips from the group, like the “Lullaby” and “riBBon” music videos. The title track “NANANA” expresses GOT7’s bright days ahead and their attachment to the lengthy road already traveled. Opening the gates of a dream-like world, GOT7 invites us to follow them on this new flowery path, a journey of limitless creativity. The members are content with their mini album, even describing it as the most GOT7-like album to date, with a mood similar to fan-favorite tracks “Thursday” and “Page”. Embracing a whimsical, vibrant colors-themed aesthetic, GOT7 once again confirms its all-rounder status, mixing creative scenery, wave-like choreographies and an impeccable sense of fashion. The NANANA music video takes into account GOT7 members’ many strengths, from their versatility to their dancing skills. Hidden in a floral haven, an odd structure similar to Pierre Cardin’s retro Palais Bulles, the members are surrounded by references to birds—the animal embodying their fans (also known as Ahgase, or baby birds in Korean).  When it comes to the name of this new release, choosing GOT7 was very much needed for the group to embody this new beginning. It is a means to reclaim their originality as much as it is a reminder for the members and the fans of what GOT7 is all about. The group’s one of a kind bond not only brings fans together, it is also an extraordinary means to have and share the fun experience of their peculiar energy in and out of stage. As usual, when gathering GOT7 in a room, one can ensure no one feels let out, like during their fancon.

Seven or nothing : making history

Today’s comeback is a promise GOT7 made to fans and to themselves. During their 2-day fancon that nearly broke the internet, gathering more than 3 millions tweets, the band shared memories of fights and bickering, anecdotes and banter about their 8 year-long career all the while playing old and recent songs—more than 20 of them during four hours long events. They also described the process to prepare this comeback as fun, exciting, joyful but also nerve-wrecking as they wanted to keep up with fans expectations. In true GOT7 fashion, the members also revealed a few spoilers that fans quickly picked up, expecting a “NANANA” TikTok challenge, dance practice and more. 2022 will surely be a turning point in GOT7’s career, as well as for the K-POP industry as a whole. Despite being signed to different labels to pursue solo careers, the members worked hard to come back as a group. Against all odds, GOT7 is ready to set a precedent for the K-POP industry, where groups are being formed and separated with a snap of fingers. GOT7 thus made history by obtaining all trademarks and rights to their name and content from their ex-company, under the impulse of the team leader JAY B and his agency 528 Hz.
From being one of the most successful acts abroad of one of the so-called big 3 companies to being the first self-owned K-POP group, GOT7 stand as true trailblazers in the scene. Not only have they defied the “7 years curse” that leads many groups to cease activities after their 7th anniversary, but they are also ushering in a whole new era for K-POP groups when it comes to creative and ownership rights in the industry.

“We’ve prepared this album from the very start (we left JYP), and that’s why it could come out so fast. We’re grateful that we could give back to our fans (with the album) who have been waiting for us. The members met often and we’ve always wondered when the album will come through, and we’re happy to be here like this to keep our promise,” Jinyoung stated during an interview.

The “GOT7” mini-album quickly led the K-POP band to reach the top of iTunes charts in more than 90 countries, even appearing on Korean charts. GOT7 and their “NANANA” single have also trended worldwide on social media following each teaser’s reveal as well as for the music video’s release. Fans quickly took over social media and rejoiced under the hashtags #GOT7컴백_기부니가조아NANANA et #GOT7_NANANA that trended worldwide for the entire day. They shared their impressions, thoughts, and excitement regarding this new milestone in GOT7’s career. 

GOT7 will renew itself and showcase its all-rounders’ skills. It will surely be interesting to witness how this comeback will shape the future of the group’s history. As multi-hyphenate artists, the group is surely on its way to embracing a unique path, giving way to try new sounds and concepts. This is a fresh start for the seven members, GOT7 is indeed ready to keep showing the world they are a true artistic force to reckon with.

You can find the single “NANANA” and its music video here: LINK
The album “GOT7” is now available on all streaming platforms: LINK


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