(G)-IDLE: A striking first concert

The female group (G)-IDLE of CUBE ENTERTAINMENT is holding its very first concert of its World Tour in Seoul, this Friday, June 17, the tour being called “JUST ME”.


Consisting of members SOYEON, MINNIE, MIYEON, YUQI and SHUHUA, the group sold out for its three dates in Korea. In the stadium, we discover as many, if not more, boys than girls, the cries escaping from the fans being mostly serious. The group begins its show with the titles “Oh my god”, “Villain dies”, and “Latata”, dressed in black outfits with some golden patterns. Fans scream at the sight of their idols, the lightsticks light up, and nearly three hours of concert begins. After singing these first three titles, the young singers take the time to chat with NEVERLAND (name of their fans), thanking them for being present today with them.

They also delight in seeing the amount of lightsticks, changing color in time with their lyrics, going from purple, to blue, to green, and lighting up to match the tempo of the next song; “Blow your mind”. The young women are smiling, and sensual on this title, trying to captivate their audience. They go on without wasting time with “Senorita”, and the crowd goes wild from the first notes. YUQI, in particular, stands out with her long peach-colored hair, but it’s SOYEON’s rap that elicits the strongest reactions.

The concert is divided into five arcs: HEROINE: Cliché, JUST ME (G)-IDLE, which were punctuated by the first three songs of the show, the first speech, “Blow your mind”, and “Senorita”. It is after this fifth song that the young women take a break, SHUHUA delighting the fans with a “Hi Senior”, surrounded by the members of the group. The latter promise a crazy evening, with exclusive performances, and encourage the NEVERLANDS to sing the following song with them; “Dumdi Dumdi”. The videos broadcast behind the group sometimes represent a tropical forest, sometimes a beach at sunset. The singers’ outfits are light enough to show off their tattoos, indirectly underscoring Korea’s openness to the subject.

“We are continually grateful, and we love youYUQI


Then, the room is lit up in purple colors, to make way for the song “I love you”, accompanied by hearts, and SHUHUA again caused a sensation with its parts, which although short, are memorable. At times, SOYEON stops rapping, as if to prove that the group is live, while exclaiming “NEVERLAND”. Nevertheless, the young women leave the scene, a video then being broadcast. We discover MIYEON surrounded by candles, SHUHUA by flowers, MINNIE by firearms, YUQI by barbies and finally SOYEON, sitting on a throne. Each takes an object representing them, before going back on stage to begin the second arc of the concert, entitled “A TRAGIC HEROINE“, starting with the song “Han”, with traditional sounds. (G)-IDLE sports this time These are white and red outfits, no longer made of leather, but of veils and tulle. Some of the dresses are almost reminiscent of wedding dresses, stained with blood.

Before the song starts, the singers dance and twirl in the heart of a scene reminiscent of moonlight. “Han” finally begins, the silence falling in the room, captivated by the group. The singers address a few words to their fans, reassuring them as to the rest of the concert which still has many surprises in store. They also announce that the different arcs also represent the four elements, the earth being the first, then the sky currently.

“If you are going through a complicated moment, listen to “Lion”, to feel like queens” – SHUHUA


YUQI also teases the songs “Liar”, and “Polaroid” in the following arcs, after the lyrics of SHUHUA. The latter also seems full of confidence this evening, contrasting with the showcases of the group where she seems more shy and reserved. Laughing among themselves, MINNIE and MIYEON can be seen dancing a few steps, reminiscent of IVE’s song “Love dive“, while the remaining members inspire fans to shout out their love for the group. The number of male fans is all the more striking at this moment. The five singers have fun with the lightsticks once again, which they control by voice and gestures. They have fun with NEVERLAND for a few more minutes, before starting the song “Moon”. The lights surrounding them are blood red, as are the lightsticks, making the atmosphere intimate.

The concert continues with “Already”, continuing in this sensual and feminine concept. In the audience, many foreign faces emerge under the blue lights, seeming captivated by the group performing before their eyes, as well as the Koreans. The message “It never ends Neverland” then appears on the screen, then the singers take another break. They seem ecstatic, and claim to have been delighted to perform the previous songs tonight. MIYEON also states that on the group’s social networks, you can find a playlist specially dedicated to (G)-IDLE fans. SHUHUA then takes the opportunity to ask which song the fans prefer, and “Tomboy”, as well as “Senorita”, seems to stand out, also “Lion”. The success of “Senorita” surprises them, which seems to greatly delight them.

“I feel like only five minutes have passed, but in reality, half of the concert has passed. Let’s have fun until the end of the night!” – MINNIE


“Hwaa” once again plunges the stadium into a festive atmosphere, accompanied by NEVERLAND fans. MINNIE’s high note fills the audience, just before the band leaves the stage for arc number three to open. A video is broadcast, the singers speaking in English: “you never expected this scenario, even if you tried to convince me. Call me filthy liar, control me, hurt me. Look, I never die”. Arc three, “I NEVER DIE“, begins strongly with the song “Lion”, and the singers make their voices heard more, having changed microphones for the occasion. The performance is all the more special, since a rock band accompanies (G)-IDLE, which we discover in the backstage.

SOYEON’s charisma is undeniable during her rap, and when she chants “I’m queen“, the room is silent. Then follows “Liar”, a rock version, with flames springing from the stage. This rock style is particularly suited to the somewhat deep and broken voice of YUQI, who seems to take just as much pleasure in singing accompanied by a group. With the flames extinguished, the singers once again leave the stage, arc three having already been completed. Opens “THIS IS MY ATTITUDE“, with the song “Never stop me“. It is with new outfits, punk, that the singers go back on stage, all smiles.

SOYEON appeals to fans to sing along with the group, and the smiles of the idols get bigger. Without wasting a moment “Uh-oh” begins, still accompanied by the rock band backstage. YUQI dances a few solo steps, and SHUHUA enchants with her sweet-voiced song. The fans dance, sing with the group, it’s a whole atmosphere that reigns in Seoul. Another break is in order, as young women need to catch their breath and hydrate. They take this opportunity to thank the group accompanying them for this concert, and YUQI indeed expresses its great joy to have one to give a rock twist to their musical repertoire. MIYEON is also delighted, and even thinks that some songs are better with this rock touch.


Fans are delighted to find out that the next song is “My bag”, which was added to the concert playlist at the request of SOYEON who wanted to sing along with the fans. The atmosphere is electric, and the girls seem to take great pleasure in being on stage. As usual since the beginning of the concert, SOYEON sings with NEVERLAND, and also when the following music begins: “Pop/Stars”, made famous by the game League of Legends of which it is the promotional song. Originally, the song was performed by SOYEON and MIYEON only, so it is with pleasure to discover this group version. After unleashing the room (G)-IDLE announces the end of the concert.

“I heard you call us the Twerking Queen, should we show you?” – MIYEON 

Despite this coming end of the concert, a twerking contest begins between the members on the song “My bag”, the competition being fierce between MIYEON who jumps in all directions and SHUHUA who lies down on the ground in order not to lose the competition. But YUQI steps in and sits on top of her to stop her from twerking to the ground. MINNIE recalls the end of the concert, and SOYEON then offers to find a “secret” name for the group’s tour, with fans having to vote between “Nanacon” and “Worldcon”, the first proposal winning. They then think of naming a future concert like that, but YUQI is afraid that the fans will bring corn on the cob to make fun of the name of the show.

MIYEON then proposes that in the future, solo songs will also be incorporated for each member to shine in their own way. She sings briefly, in a capela, the chorus of “Drive”, the title track of her very first solo album. YUQI does the same, parodying her interpretation, as well as MINNIE who finishes off MIYEON with her imitation. SOYEON brings everyone back to earth, and chooses this moment to say goodbye to the NEVERLANDS. Finally, SHUHUA also tries her hand at “Drive”, as if the members are doing everything not to end this concert. It is therefore laughing that they repeat that the show is coming to an end. SHUHUA starts twerking again, with MIYEON imitating her, while expressing what they are on their hearts.

“Today, thanks to all of you, I received a lot of energy and love. I’m really happy, thank youMIYEON 


They then express their future dreams, YUQI already imagining receiving the award for the song, the group, and the performance of the year thanks to the last song of the evening: “Tomboy”. KSTATION TV had also attended the comeback showcase of this title. Fireworks encircle the group which until the end gives a quality performance to its fans. A new and final video is broadcast, announcing the encore of the concert. This is where the fifth arc of the show opens, with the fans singing along to the song “Latata”. This arc is called “IT NEVER ENDS: NEVERLAND“, so it’s to say goodbye one last time that (G)-IDLE goes back on stage. “I’m the trend” begins the “encore”, the singers wearing the T-shirts of the tour. In the stands, fans brandished slogans distributed at the entrance to the hall, saying “여기 너희를 위해 반짝이는 보랏빛을 봐” (Look at the violet glittering for you here).

“I am so moved to be here tonight with you. Thanks !”  – SOYEON 

Members express surprise at seeing the banners, claiming they were unaware of this event. YUQI in particular, has bright eyes, and says he never expected to go on a world tour one day, and to see banners raised like this before his eyes. She then realizes her popularity, but says that she will continue to preserve herself in her work, and that this weekend will still have a lot in store for the NEVERLANDS going to the concerts. SOYEON confides in gratitude, and SHUHUA confides in feeling like a mother surrounded by hundreds of children. She ends up crying, hugged by the limbs to comfort her.

“If tomorrow you can come join us, well come!” – SHUHUA

MIYEON laughs and cries at the same time to invite her thanks, so YUQI asks her if she is drunk, obviously making the room laugh. MINNIE is just as emotional, admitting to fulfilling a dream by holding this concert tonight. They all hope that the NEVERLANDS had a good time in their company, MINNIE crying more and more. SHUHUA tells her that she has the right to cry, because she looks all the more beautiful doing it. They also hope that the rest of the weekend will be as pleasant, and that none of them will be injured, nor the fans. The light is on the bleachers, so that the group discovers the emotional faces of its fans, before everything goes out for one last song.


“Polaroid” is chosen to close the concert, the singers sitting at the four corners of the stage to be closer to the public. They take the opportunity to take some gifts that the fans throw on stage, as well as the banners prepared for the occasion. It is therefore covered with slogans in fabrics and fans that they thank the rock group who accompanied them in this evening, as well as their parents, their friends, the staff, and of course, the NEVERLANDS. The singers are moved, and definitely leave the stage after several minutes to thank their fans.

The words of our reporter: “I spent a very good evening with this warm group and taking so much pleasure to be on stage! I, who am not a fan of the group, however, I (re)discovered songs that I ‘ll add to my playlist without further delay!

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Transaltor: Shawn

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