Monday, December 4, 2023

WJSN: When the “sirens” get ready

The group WJSN exudes another charm in its music video.


WJSN recently released a music video for the title track “Last sequence” from its special album “SEQUENCE” on its official YouTube channel.

In the posted video, WJSN caught the eye with a style that showcased their individuality with the mermaid concept. Lately, the members have analyzed and prepared the concept more thoroughly and have shown professionalism.

The members’ witty remarks to the camera were also noteworthy. “I studied mermaids. Our mermaids attract passers-by. Don’t be bewitched,EUNSEO said with a laugh.

YEONGJUNG said “Now I can show you my amazing blond hair.” revealing her freshly dyed hairstyle and adding, “It’s limited to the music video,” and DAWON tactfully showed off and explained her makeup in detail, saying, “This concept is reminiscent of a mermaid.”

The WJSN members were serious during principal filming, but in front of the “making” video camera, they showed a playful charm. The group made the filming site friendly throughout by showing facial expressions, poses and light dancing.

In particular, SEOLA challenged herself with the acrostic poem with “Little Mermaid” and showed her meaning and wit by saying, “I admit it, I admit it, I am the princess and the main character, it’s me.” Standing in front of the camera with different styles, WJSN passed on poses, shared heartfelt stories, and raced towards a perfect result together.

Filming continued for two days, but WJSN’s passion did not subside. LUDA said:

“I am in very good shape. It is possible to work until dawn”

and SEOLA and EUNSEO continued to enliven the atmosphere.

Finally, WJSN said, “We worked hard for two days and took pictures. We hope you like it, and we ask for your love and support,” saying this with sincerity.

WJSN, which made a full comeback after a year and four months since winning Mnet’s “Queendom 2,” is popular for its title track “Last Sequence” from the special album “SEQUENCE.” WJSN will continue to communicate with fans through various content, such as “Last sequence” promotional activities.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Starship Entertainment

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