LEO: A totally different role in his new musical

VIXX’s LEO (Jung Taek Woon) has proven himself to be a “trusted and watched musical actor” regardless of genre, honing melodrama through the musical “Bungee jumping of their own.”


While the musical “Bungee Jumping of their own” is currently being successfully performed at the Grand Theater of Hongik University’s Daehak-ro Art Center, LEO is on stage with the praise of many audiences for his perfect performance, as well as his visual, acting and singing talents.

Bungee jumping of their own” is a representative Korean musical based on a melodrama of the same name starring Lee Byung Hun and the late Lee Eun Ju, and LEO plays Seo In Woo, a man who cannot forget his fate and lives with love for a person in his heart.

For this role, LEO recalls the memories of his first pure love. LEO, who perfectly pulls off a heartbreaking love story that transcends time with his own wide acting spectrum, made an impression with his dark facial expression and delicate, sweet voice.

In the meantime, LEO has played various characters in great works such as “Montecristo”, “Matahari”,The Last Kiss“, “Elizabeth” and “Marie Antoinette“, starting with “Full House“. In particular, LEO, who played two characters of Henri Dupré and the creature of Victor in his previous musical “Frankenstein”, this time managed to capture the attention of the public with a pure and light charm.

Moreover, he not only realistically expresses a mysterious love story that transcends gender and death, but is also impressive with his charming acting, bringing a beautiful chemistry with other actors as well. LEO’s heartfelt performance brings viewers to tears.

The musical “Bungee jumping of their own,” featuring LEO’s transformation, will be performed at Hongik University’s Daehak-ro Art Center Grand Theater until August 21.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Jellyfish Entertainment

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