Saturday, December 9, 2023

CSR: Debuts full of love

Girl group CSR (첫사랑 First love) has expressed its feelings about making an official appearance in the music industry.

CSR” held its first showcase at 2 p.m. KST on July 27 at Blue Square Master Card Hall in Hannam-dong, Seoul. CSR will pre-release the music video for the title track “첫사랑'(Pop? Pop!)” from its first mini album “Sequence: 7272” and make its official debuts.

CSR said, “The reason why this time is more special is that today is July 27 at 2 p.m.,” adding:

We want to properly express the excitement of CSR. We were nervous because a lot of ‘sunbae’ made a comeback, but we’re reassured because a lot of people came to the showcase. I can’t believe we’re debuting . Thanks a lot.

Sequence: 7272” is an album that opens the first act of CSR showing itself to the world with its youth. It contains the feelings of the group by representing what girls of the same age (17 years old) feel for the first time and the strange but pleasant initial palpitations.

첫사랑'(Pop? Pop!)” is a song that expresses the feelings of first love when one is 17 years old and allows one to express it honestly. It is a genre of dance/pop music with funky rhythm and dynamic bass line with rhythmic melody, where you can feel a variety of charms by comparing the first feelings of love you experienced, bursting like “Pop? Pop!

In addition to the title track of the album, CSR adds other songs like “72.72Hz“, “Manito”,Toi et moi” and “Euratcha!”, which complete a refreshing and cool vibe throughout this total of five songs, giving you an emotional narrative as if watching a first love movie.

CSR, consisting of SUA, SIHYEON, YUNA, SEOYEON, DUNA, GEUMHEE, and YEHAM, caught the attention of many even before their official debuts. Through the first promotional content, the group exuded a teenage charm, and radiated bright energy by adding familiarity with the ideal visuals and beautiful atmosphere of each.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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