B1A4: GONGCHAN made his fans happy

B1A4’s GONGCHAN shared another treasured memory with fans at his first face-to-face fan meeting in three years.

GONGCHAN held “2022 B1A4 ♥ BANA – HAPPY GONGCHAN DAY” at the White Hall of the White Wave Art Center at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. KST on August 13. This fan meeting is a fan meeting for GONGCHAN’s birthday, and CNU made an appearance as an MC for this solo GONGCHAN meeting, adding more meaning to it.

GONGCHAN, who gently opened the meeting with “Running” by S.E.S. and Alex’s “화분”, greeted fans who came to meet him after a long time. In the “Gongchan Quiz on the Bana” section, where fans take quizzes about GONGCHAN from his debut to the present day, the artist exchanged big “tiki-taka” with fans who have accompanied him since a long time, giving off a real alchemy, making the concert hall a place of good humor.

The audience was then “moistened” with emotion with a solo song, “Colored with love.” GONGCHAN, who quickly appeared in a boyish sailor suit and received cheers, showed off the power of the original refreshing idol by perfectly covering Oh my girl’s “A-ing” and ONF’s“Popping.”

In another moment, GONGCHAN had time to answer the fan quiz, and he listened to fans’ wishes and communicated with them more closely. He also showed his generous love for the fans by organizing polaroid moments for example. Above all, the cake, which appeared as a surprise on GONGCHAN’s birthday on the 14th, further accentuated the festive atmosphere. He couldn’t hide and disguise his eyes full of emotion while reading birthday messages left by fans as well as gifts prepared by B1A4 members themselves.

GONGCHAN, who said goodbye with Wonstein’s “Your existence,” quickly set up a spectacular encore scene with B1A4’s popular songs such as “What’s happening” and “Good night,” featuring CNU, who also performed. Along with the prepared songs, he added some encore songs and finally let tears escape while singing “10 TIMES,” which was released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his debut.


“As it’s been a while, I prepared hard and the Banas waited hard, so I’m really grateful. I also struggled to wait three years without seeing you (the fans), but I thought a lot about how difficult it must be for the Banas. So today is such a precious day, and I don’t think I can forget it. I will continue to prepare and work harder so that I can have a happier time with you.»,

expressing his warm and sincere feelings.

GONGCHAN, who had an unforgettable time with fans at his first face-to-face fan meeting in three years, recently confirmed his appearance as the main character “Jiwon Young” in the BL drama based on the popular cartoon “Unintentional Love Story”, of the same name.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: WM Entertainment

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