THE BOYZ: The new song “WHISPER” is out

THE BOYZ released a MV for the title-song ‘WHISPER’ from its 7th mini album.

At 6pm KST, THE BOYZ ‘s MV forWHISPER’ has been released on YouTube and the group’ social medias. THE BOYZ is back with a bubbly song that is entertaining and shows the bride energy of the members to end this summer in a great mood. That is a completly different style from the group’s latest comeback with ‘MAVERICK’ which was dark and serious in order to show the members acting skills.

As you can see in ‘WHISPER’ MV, the sets are colorful and underlight the bright energy of each of the members who seem to have a lot of fun during the filming. Various sets can be seen in this MV, bringing us in this bubbly dynamic and showing the members attractive features. You can see it by watching the MV below.

The ten active members from THE BOYZ will start their promotion for this title-song and for the 7th mini album ‘BE AWARE’.

Journalist: Solène
Translation: Solène
Source: IST Entertainment

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